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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Email in: 40k team tournament


"Hello Kirby,

long time reader of your blog, wondering if you have some suggestions for an upcoming Team tournament I'll be participating in.

Format is, 2 players pair up, each gets 1000 points and full FoC for each. I'm going with my Tyranids and my partner will be bringing his Blood Angel list, which is roughly like the one below:

2 Baal Predators (2x heavy bolter + Assaultcannon),
2 Razorbacks met lascannon/plasmagun
2 squads with 5 Marines with 2 melta weapons
Assault Squad met melta/powerfist

My question is, how can I best construct a Tyranid list to be compatible with this? Should I go full Genestealer and infilitrate/outflank like crazy, or maybe full Tervigon and camp objectives? Or maybe a combination of both? Should I bother bringing some anti-tank weapons, or is it better to rely on the Blood Angels for this, given the Tyranid spotty AT :S

any suggestions as how to approach this (also for the Blood Angel list I guess) is highly appreciated.


First - can units share auras across armies? If so, take some Sang Priests for FNP bubbles.

Otherwise, Hive Guard are a nice choice here as they are just plain good anti-tank and with lots of vehicles around, can limit return fire to themselves as well. I'd be letting the Blood Angels be the ranged anti-infantry which can still act as anti-tank in a pinch (i.e. Baal and Dakka Preds) whilst letting the Tyranids provide extra anti-tank (Hive Guard) and a strong scoring presence (Tervigons + Termagants). Grab a Prime (or a Terivgon) as HQ - the Prime gives you some more combat ability which is always nice with the ability to attach to Termagants.

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