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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Email in: necron fun list

"I really want to try for a fun Necron list. My FLGS is occupied by fluff bunnies and I need something besides night fight scythe spam. Tell me what you think of it. There is very little mech in my area. Tell me what you think.

Orikan the diviner

Overlord with command barge war scythe, mind shackle, phase shifter

3 cryteks, eternity with chronometron, 2 transmog




Ctan writhing world, lord of fire


9 warriors, ghost ark

9 warriors ghost ark

8 warriors ghost ark

Chronometron goes with diviner to keep super as long as possible and reroll that 3++ save. Fun list with 6 av 13 vehicles and some decent shooting and tons of writhing worldscape. I want something that works, is fun to play with and against, and ,most importantly , will be challenging to play with. "

Even as a 'fun' list I think dropping points into Orikan and WW C'Tan is a lot and the end result is basically denying your opponent their first turn of movmement - easily overcome by many armies who can go into reserve reliably or don't care that they cannot move T1. One or the other personally and with those spare points I'd grab an Annihilation Barge or two and some Scarabs - there may not be much mech around where you live but both units provide more anti-tank units (as you only really have two stalkers) whilst also being decent anti-infantry, too.

This keeps the 'fun' side of it by holding onto the C'Tan with a couple tremorstaves whilst also improving the overall balance of the army (more AV13, more anti-tank options) so it's a pretty easy change to adecent list if you can drag your FLGS that way :P.

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