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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Email in: Balanced IG


"My goal for this army is to be able to show up to a tournament and handle all comers. I've played variants on this list more or less since the new Codex dropped, steadily moving toward more mech. I feel comfortable with most of the stuff in the list, but I do have some unit's/slots that I'm at a loss for.

Company Command Squad, MoF, 4xMeltas, Chimera 175

PCS, 4xflamer, Krack grenades, Chimera 110

1st Squad, Commissar, 2xPower Sword, Autocannon 115

2nd Squad, PowerSword, Autocannon 70

3rd Squad, PowerSword, Autocannon 70

AC Squad 75

AC Squad 75

MeltaVets, Chimera 155

MeltaVets, Chimera 155

MeltaVets, Chimera 155

Vendetta 130

Vendetta 130

Devildog 120

Leman Russ 3x HB 170

Medusa 135

Manticore 160


I feel solid about the CCS, plasmas are nice but melta is cheaper.

I feel good about the Platoon, great bubblewrap/countercharge. Has never failed me in a game unless I misused them

The AC squads, while I do agree that a hydra is generally a better buy, I feel that it cuts into the more destructive Heavy options (also, I'm not shelling out for Hydras, though I might if/when the plastic kit drops)

Meltavets - 'nuff said, though I'm never sure if I have enough, the temptation to drop 1 more squad for a heavier/blastier tank is strong.

Vendetta - Efficient and deadly. High priority and hard to protect. Typically I run them starting on the board and use the scout move to get a 4+ cover save( hence the lack of an astropath. Even if I did outflank, moving 18+ inches when they come on followed by 6" move and 48" range I don;t much care about the side). I don't run anything inside as I feel the best protection is keeping them at max range and melta squads just end up stranded somewhere they don't want to be.

Devil Dog - Not sure about this one. More a product of my constant nail-biting like obsession with changing my list (long periods of down time at work). The though is that it would help shore up the reliance on the fragile vendettas.

Leman Russ MBT - I like this unit. It works and I've been using it since I got my first box of IG, I feel naked without at least 1. But part of me feels that this is a blind spot on my part and perhaps doesn't have a place with the rest of my army.

Medusa - This used to be a Demolisher. Much like the devildog, I keep going back and forth 24" 14/13/11 or 36" 12/10/10 and 30 fewer points

Manticore - A recent addition, but the raw firepower is much appreciated.

Overall I feel that my Heavy support is unfocused. For 'Ard boys last year I was running 2x2 MBTs and 2xDemolishers and it has gradually been eroded and it's points redistributed.

On the whole I'm comfortable with the overall army, but I have niggling thoughts that there is something I'm missing or severely misjudging. So basically, I'm looking for an experienced and unbiased 3rd party opinion."

The list on the whole is solid but I agree with you regarding Heavy Support and I think this is often the hardest slot to get right for Imperial Guard. There are nice choices there but they take points away from everything else which is just as nice.

I think everything outside of Heavy is fine though I personally wouldn't run Krak grenades on the PCS and would be looking to slip in two meltaguns on the bubble-wrap squad with those points saved. If we could get extra Chimeras for those squads as well to have more tanks to push at the enemy, that would be nice as well.

So Heavy Support. Russes are a decent enough choice but I think a lone LRBT doesn't do much. LRBTs have excellent range and grabbing two separate choices gives you nice options - throw them in the corners and frag the enemy or push them up with your Chimeras for better AV all-round. I think the latter option is generally done better by Demolishers though a lone Demolisher does this role better than two LRBT (and unlike a Vindicator acting as a fire magnet, AV13 side armor is tough to crack). With the points you have, switching to one Demolisher is probably your best bet.

The Medusa and Manticore combo are okay though I would prefer to see double Medusa or double Manticore, though just running one of them (preferably the Manticore) is also an option with the spare points becoming Chimeras on the Platoon squads (and potentially special weapon teams with meltaguns for cheap units to throw in the Vendettas). There really are a lot of options of how you wish to proceed but I personally prefer to run double Manticores here - 2D3 S10 barrage ordnance templates are scary and you have a nice bubble-wrap to protect them from the opponent.

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