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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Email in: GK 1750



I have been playing my GK 1750 list and wanted to get your thoughts as to what it's weaknesses are. It has done extremely well so far for me against neurons, BA and other GKs.

HQ Coteaz 100

T1 DCA x 7 105
Banisher 15

HS Psyfleman 135

HS LR redeemer (multi-melta & psybolt) 270

HS Psyfleman 135

T2 Warriors x 3 12
Psyback 50

T3 Warriors x 3 12
Psyback 50

T4 Warriors x 3 12
Psyback 50

T5 Warriors x 3 12
Psyback 50

T6 Warriors x 3 12
Psyback 50

E1 Venerable Psyfleman 195

E2 Venerable Psyfleman 195

E3 Venerable Psyfleman 195

Psyker with hammerhand 30
Rad & pschotroke 30
3 x psyberskulls 9

It plays like a guard list where all the tanks are BS4 and twin-linked. It also has one of the nastiest counter assault units in the game. I like the idea of using purifiers like you do but I just love venerables. Mine have held up some nasty assault units and they handle melta like a boss.



The list certainly boasts a lot of S8 firepower and a nice single counter-assault unit but I think that's about it. I think cutting back on the counter-assault unit (do you really need 2x Hammerhand and Grenades to go with 7x DCA? That's over 15 dead MEQ on average). If you fill out the min-sized Acolyte units with more bodies and potentially some special weapons (or at the minimum, bolters for some extra anti-infantry), I think the list would feel a lot better as the firepower isn't simply twin-linked S6/S8 shots backed up by a big screw you unit.

Also, changing the Redeemer to a Crusader would provide you with a bunch more Dakka. If the goal is to use it defensively, the Crusader provides a bunch more firepower, especially with psybolt (though it becomes more static). Personally I wouldn't run the single Land Raider but when not pushing it forward where melta comes into play, the large AV14 chassis does have a lot of uses.

Otherwise look to diversify your firepower a bit through the Acolytes and expand them and I think the list will be better and give you more multi-dimensionality to your list. You may lose a Dread to do this but I think it's worth it - not like you're lacking high strength firepower as it is.

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