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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Email in: Flexible Space Wolves @ 2k

"Hello Kirby,

Below is my first take on a serious list-building, focusing on the flexibility of the Space Wolves codex to leave the opponent wondering wtf I'm going to do until just before the fighting begins, hence the kited-out Wolf Guard and 2 Drop Pods. Everything else should be self-explanatory :P Still, I bet it can be made better.

Entering the mighty "SW 2k troll list.txt" (what a mess...):
Krom Dragongaze's Mechanized Space Wolves @2k pts
[[blah]=comments, (N)=squad number, FS="footslog", DS="deep strike", LPRB="LasPlasRazorBack", Bawks=Rhino (lol), PL="pack leader", w/="with", FS&GU="fire support & general utility" e.g. blocking, giving cover etc.]
[Aims of the list: 1:Messing with your opponent's battle plans. 2:Be a balanced MSU army in a moderately-competitive environment (fun > optimization).]

HQ Rune Priest 100 [FS&GU for GH or LF]
CotS 10
Saga of the Beastslayer 10
Living Lightning
Tempest's Wrath

HQ Rune Priest 100 [=> (3)]
Storm Caller
Murderous Hurricane
105 pts

(0):ELITES Wolf Scouts x5 75 [KA-BOOM!]
Melta 10
MotW 15

(1):ELITES Wolf Guard x10 180 [4-5 FS or in LPRB and 6-5 as PL]
3x PFist & CMelta 75 [=>PL (0,2,3,4,5), at least 1 stays]
2x WClaw & CPlasma 30 [=>PL (0,4)]
2x WClaw & CFlamer 30 [=>PL (2,3)]
1x TDA+CML+ChFist+CMelta 65 [=>PL (5) and FS/DS or stay and FS]
1x TDA & CML 45 [=>PL (5,6) or stay and FS]
1x BPistol & Chainsword [=>PL (7)]
LPRB 75 [Carry (1,5)]

(2):TROOPS Grey Hunters x8 120 [Midfield attack]
Melta 5
WS 10
MotW 15
Bawks 35 [Carry (2)]

(3):TROOPS Grey Hunters x7 105 [Midfield attack, SC RPriest]
Melta 5
WS 10
MotW 15
Bawks 35 [Carry (3)]

(4):TROOPS Grey Hunters x5 75 [Reserve/midfield support/obj.holders]
Plasma 10
LPRB 75 [Carry (4)/FS&GU]

(5):TROOPS Grey Hunters x5 75 [Commandeer a LPRB and midfield support/sit @ home obj. w/ TDA+CML/DISTRACTION DROPPOD w/ TDA+CML+CFist]
Melta 5
WS 10 [for TDA Wolf Guard]
Drop pod 35 [Carry (5) or drop empty]

FAST ATTACK Land Speeder w/ MM & HF 70 [DS/flank/midfield FS&GU]

FAST ATTACK Land Speeder w/ MM & HF 70 [DS/flank/midfield FS&GU]

(6):HEAVY SUPPORT Long Fangs x6 w/ 5xML 140 [Fire support or far DS w/ TDA+CML for lulz]
Drop pod 35 [Carry (6) or drop empty]

(7):HEAVY SUPPORT Long Fangs x6 w/ 4xML and 1xLC 155 [Fire support, LL Runpr]
LPRB 75 [Carry (5) or FS&GU]

2000 pts"

That is perhaps one of the hardest to read army lists I've ever seen ^^, no need to add what goes where, etc.

Anyway, the list overall is fine but you don't really need two Rune Priests. I'd be dropping one of them and tuning the Long Fangs back to 5x strong each to get another Long Fang + transport combination for more fire support. I'd also be warry of putting the CML Terminators with the Long Fangs - it gives more missiles yes but takes away from your ability to damage more targets. I'd run them in elsewhere (preferrably in two locations) and with the Drop Pods you can deep-strike one to a decent enough location.

Otherwise everything looks solid and bog-standard normal though you've basically replaced the 2nd Wolf Scouts with Drop Pods - gives you some tactical options you wouldn't normally have though otherwise your Grey Hunters have less support up front than if there TWC around.

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