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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Email in: Necron list review

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"Hi all I haven't been on in an month or so do to some much needed time off with no internet. But i got some games with my Necrons and hear is my new list for you all to look over.

Imotekh the Stormlord
Royal Court:
Harbinger of Destruction; Eldritch Lance; Gaze of Flame; Solar Pulse
2 Harbinger of Transmogrification: Tremor stave

C'tan Shard: Swarm of Spirit Dust; Writhing Worldscape

10 Immortals
2xs10 Immortals; Tesla Carbine

Fast Attack:
6 Canoptek Wraiths
2x10 Canoptek Scarabs

2x3 Canoptek Spyder; 1 Gloom Prism per unit of 3
Total: 2,000

First this is intended as an all comers normal game list. I know it's a light on scoring units, but so far so good.

Battle Plan Attack: I deploy Imotekh and gaze of flame in the Gauss Immortals, the Tremor staves go in the Tesla immortals. Scarabs, Spiders, and Wraiths from the front line C'tan and immortals are second line. Shoot/move to turn 2-3 (however long night fight lasts) before assault with the front line. Spiders are slow and need time to close for support, it also lets me build up more scarabs for tank killing. Immortals advance giving cover fire to the assault wave and move to take mid-field cover near objectives. Cover is more for assault defense than cover saves.

Battle Plan Defense: I deploy Imotekh and gaze of flame in the Gauss Immortals, the Tremor staves go in the Tesla immortals. Scarabs from the front line hopefully in/behind cover plan to tar pit attackers. Spiders & Immortals second rank in/behind cover or use scarabs for cover, spiders make as many scarabs as they can before the assault then counter charge to break the HtoH. Wraiths and C'tan are the backup/safety unit moving stop the assault units or counter charge. Also try to use Tremor staves and terrain to cause as many Dangerous terrain test as possible to bleed attacking units.

Powers and how I am using them
Tremor stave; "Units hit by this shooting attack treat open ground as difficult ground in their next movement phase." I use my them as a way to slow down assault units with difficult ground checks and if the C'tan is still around the checks will be dangerous as well. Bikes cant turbo boost if they start/end their move in difficult terrain. So if i am reading it right a Tremor stave hit will keep them moving 12" at most that turn and taking Dangerous terrain test for that 12" move.

Writhing Worldscape: "Wile the C'tan is on the battlefield, all difficult terrain is also Dangerous, for the enemy. If the terrain is already dangerous, the Dangerous terrain test is failed on a 1 or 2." Ok this is the reason the C'tan is in the list at all. With this power in effect moving through/in terrain is a gamble and I am trying keep players out of terrain or at least cost them some troops for going through it. I can hold up in terrain when i know an assault is coming to cause Dangerous terrain tests before the assault even starts.

What do you all think?"

Too many points into non-direct damage. Imotekh can be nice as can a WW C'Tan but both in the same army? Too expensive. Where is your main anti-tank coming from? Scarabs. What happens if someone is able to stop them from getting through or shoots them off the board (possible)? Enemy tanks run riot and you cannot rely on dangerous terrain + Stormlord to reliably damage enough tanks in non-MSU based list.

With this in mind I'd go with either Stormlord of the C'Tan + a couple termor stave Crypteks - the choice is really up to but beyond that you need to improve your direct damage to tanks. I'd be looking at replacing one or two of the Spyders with Annhilation Barges or giving the Immortals Night Scythes for some S7 suppression fire. Otherwise filling out the Royal Court with more Lance Crypteks (and splitting the Immortals into smaller squads of six or seven strong) for some S8 firepower would be good steps in this direction.

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