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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Email in: Necrons vs Meq/Mech?


"Hi Kirby, I have read your blog posts about Necrons and what I still don't get is how to make a list that is competitive against Mech AND Meq.

I have tried to make a list that can handle a pure jump pack BA list (a friend plays that) and a Mech list but find it hard. What's your opinion, should I go dakka dakka and AT to shoot meq to pieces or focus on low AP or something else?

Martin "

For the most part, Necrons have pretty good anti-infantry. Forget the low AP stuff - just shoot Marines off the board with lots of wounds. You can go for units like Destroyers but they aren't a fantastic choice as things stand now. Tesla is great for this, particulraly the Tesla destructor as you can be hitting vehicles and units around them. Balancing this with anti-Mech though can be a bit more troublesome but taking units like Lance Crypteks will obviously help out here as they give every Troops unit the ability to shoot tanks and infantry alike.

The key really is to be able to force a lot of wounds on T4 models - they'll fail saves eventually whilst also being able to smack around the tanks. Both barge types are very good at the latter and if you chuck in a handful of Lance Crypteks along with some units boasting Entropic Strike - well you've got a pretty good anti-tank component of your army there. Build off this with extra anti-infantry and you'll generally be fine - the goal is balance and within 5th edition, this generally means foregoing low AP weapons in favor of more shoots overall.

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