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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Email in: Question on SM Biker army

Call to Arms
"Hello Kirby,

Yet another first time question, long time reader here. I'll skip the usual wonderful blog etc. part as I'm sure you're tired of reading it by now :P.

I've been putting some serious thought in going for a SM (or other) biker style army. Mainly thinking either pure biker or biker + Dread style. I'll admitt Sons of Anarchy series has probably a great deal for the sudden insipration but before I throw down the money and get some 40 odd bikers I'm wondering if you can answer a few questions.

1) Is it possible to scale a biker army down from lets say 1k to 2k? I mainly see them listed at 1750+ area but I got a feeling I'd start relatively smaller in game sizes .

2) With the fact most people are expecting a update to ver 6 of WH40k soonish (in a year or two at most) would the biker army actually still be viable? I'm a bit conerned of buying a full biker army for a couple of hundred, paint it up and then have a major game change dropped on me making it unviable.

3) Could you give a rough idea what you'd run with assuming pure and/or dread supported army (dread support was mainly in mind for some long range supoprt and to give those high damage AV shots somewhere else to go then the biker squad)?

Jonas a.k.a. Nody"

1) they aren't that good at 1000 points - too few bodies, not enough pew pew. What happens is your vulnerability to combat is heightened as you shouldn't really be taking a Command Squad and every Bike you lose becomes a significant chunk of your army.

2) No idea I'm afraid.

3) Check the 3++ army list page down under Space Marines. There are a few Biker and Fast'N'Slow lists which will give you some ideas in regards to list composition.

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