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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Email in: Help with themed list

"Hi Kirby (and the 3++ team)

I'm currently building 8converting) a "themed" army, based on the Brohtherhood of Nod faction from the Command & Conquer videogames, using the GK and IG codices.

This is the 1750 list I'm planning to use with the GK Codex. I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Allowed Units:

Crowe (Marcion)
Vindicare (Sakura Obata)
Purifiers (Black Hand Troopers)
Dreadknight (Avatar Warmech)
Razorback (Scorpion)

Other usable units

Crowe (Cyborg Kane)
Valeria (Alexa)
Chimera (Reckoner)
Warrior Acolyte (Militants)
Jokaero Weaponsmith (Saboteur Technician)
Eversor (Fanatic)

1750 GK Codex: Black Hand

Crowe 150
Vindicare 145
2x1 Dreadknight (Teleporter, Greatsword, Incinerator) 260
4x5 Purifiers (2x Incinerator, Hammer, LasPlas Razorback) 205

Total: 1635 pts, 22 Infantry, 2 MC, 4 vehicles.

I have 115 pts remaining. What are your (or your minions's) suggestions?

Thanks in advance, and congratulations for running the best 40k tactica blog.

Exitus Acta Probat"

Drop the Greatswords from the Dreadknights, run Psycannons on the Purifiers and I'd be hesitant about the LasPlas here. They certainly help out where the Psyfledreads normally would operate (long-ranged fire support) but aren't really going to be effective in getting the Purifiers to and from midfield due to their two weapon systems - I feel Psybacks are better here though LasPlas work as well.

With the points saved from the Greatswords minus what you put into the Purifiers for the Psycannons, grab a handful more Purifiers for each squad plus some Halberds for I6 kicks. If you drop the LasPlas in favor of the Psyback though, look to get another Purifier squad if you have the points.

I will let you know though that Purifier based lists are generally weaker than what the Internet likes to think and without Psyfledreads or Coteaz to help shore up some of their weaknesses, this will be a list with lots of people bitching about it without actually being good.

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