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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is there really an InfantryMachine?

Now something your gonna here quiet often is that Warmachine/Hordes should really be called Infantrymachine because of how you are gonna take infantry over Warjacks/Warbeasts. Now I will admit that this statement was extremely true in MK I but in MK II this statement is actually far from the truth. Now I admit that there are a few factions that want to take mostly infantry due to the general power level of their infantry but besides those few factions? Let's take a look and see what factions want to play the so called "InfantryMachine".

First Place: Khador/Cryx

Now the reason why both of these factions want to play the infantry game is quiet simple: They have best infantry in the game. I agree that some of the other factions have really good infanty but no where near the base power level of Winter Guard or Bane Thralls. Then you have to go from the infantry to the Warcasters themselves. Casters like Terminus, p or e Gaspy, the Irusks or Epic Vlad are all very strong casters who support infantry very well and want to have infantry on the board to benefit from their passive buffs or spells. Because of the number of spells being upkept or cast to support their infantry they often times don't have the focus left to fuel their jacks for more than one or two.

Second Place: Trollbloods

Trollbloods suffer from a very similar problem to Khador; great infantry and expensive beasts. While they want to have some Beasts for fury generation (normally two heavies or one heavy and some lights) they really want to have their infantry because they have good buffs for them through either the Warlock or from the various solos that can support them.

Special Mention: Retribution of Scyrah
I do feel that Retribution gets a special mention in this article because while they want to run alot of infantry due to the very low power level of their Warjacks and the support they can give their Warjacks is sub-par to say the least. However since the new House Vyre Warjacks from Wrath are set to be released soon I feel that they are going to change how the faction plays since they are both durable and hard hitting, a combination lost in the previous Myrmidons.

Overall I feel that Retribution isn't entirely developed and once they get a solid set of Warjacks support I think that this is going to change significantly.

Other factions such as PoM or Cygnar are both very capable of running multiple Warjacks due to the large number of support models and the excellent selection of Warjacks that they have to select from. Many Hordes factions have both the support models and the Fury system which allows for them to run many Warbeasts without any problem. I've seen many Legion or Circle lists with three heavies at 35 points and four at 50 points.

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