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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Painted Dreadnoughts

So I've been busy painting lately in an effort to get all my Marines done you some point. I'd obviously like them to be done before 3++con so they look pretty as a gumby army or if they are borrowed by a mate plus if I do end up going to Centurion, it will be a load off my mind. With that in mind, I've been hard at work on the units used throughout most of my armies - the Dreadnoughts and Rhino chassis with two of each completed. You can see the Dreadnoughts below with one more nearly finished and not pictured. The Rhino chassis will be photographed once they are all done and I can hopefully source some more Razorback turrets to replace my scratch built ones...

Without further ado...the Dreadnoughts.

The arms on the one with just the autocannons need to be filled out with some wiring and tubing as the magnets are showing. I prefer the other method where they have been pinned into the original Dreadnought arms but I only had two sets of them.

Anyway, quite pleased (though I just noticed a part of the chapter symbol on the same Dreadnought has fallen off its leg...) with how they've turned out. Only one Dreadnought and lots of Rhino chassis to go - though they are at least all 50%+ painted.

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