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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Warhammer 40k and Necron FAQ Updates

Okay so looks like everyone got a minor tweak to their FAQ but the most important one is the Necrons of course! Let's see what we can find.

Scarab spawning has been fixed, yes you can still spawn Scarabs so charge range is increased but no more stupid conga lines. Good. Repair Barge is worded in the same way now as well. Tesla Arcing has been clarified so it must at least hit the original target once (quite likely with BS4 twin-linked) and if the original target is destroyed, no arcing happens. Arcing in relation to armor facings and cover saves is from the firing unit as well unfortunately (no smashing Chimera walls to bits!). Differences between ever-living and Reanimation protocol cleared up.

Entropic strike in combat cleared up in case anyone was confused - yes it happens before rolls to penetrate at that initiative step. Against vehicle squadrons it is spread evenly with controlling vehicle player getting to allocate excess.

Terrain counting as terrain is in fact terrain. So yes, Writhing Worldscape, Termor Staves and Orikan all work together. Quantum shielding is affected by Lance weapons (so AV12 max) and no passing cover saves against penetrating hits doesn't cause Quantum shielding to disappear. Chrononmetron works with Stormlords nightfight ability and if you turn it off with a Solar Pulse, you don't get the Lightning ability.

ROYAL COURTS WERE FAQ'D CORRECTLY. Different Harbringers are allowed and only the special wargear choices are restricted to one per court for Harbringers of the same ...Harbringer. And if you have two courts, you can attach one from each court to a unit. Good on ya GW.

All in all, most things I think which were up in the air were answered (my 3++con FAQ for Necrons essentially has everything ticked off at least - thanks GW, couldn't have told me could you :(). Nothing has been smacked around with the nerf bat except Arcing from Tesla Destructors a little bit but to be expected in regards to firing arc. Everything else was pretty self-explanatory but it's good to have Games Workshop not screw it up and allow Xenos some you know, benefits.

I haven't looked through all the other FAQ updates but I did note that it seems Hive Guard shoots can ignore the effects of smoke and moving fast now - only cover granted by being within terrain or up against it (as it was previously) allows cover saves against the Impaler Cannon.

Anyone notice anything else from the other FAQs?

Additions as found:

SitW un screwed for Tyranids.
Blood Lance does not roll to hit and the Priest in the Honor Guard squad cannot take upgrades.
Lash does roll to hit. Fire Frenzy is limited to 45 degree arc. TOLD YOU SO. Warptime slapped to re-rolling ALL dice not just fails.
Star Engines do not allow tank shocks/rams.
Rending still works for the Vindicares turbo-penetrator
Platoons only ever count as one unit being deployed and roll for reserves as one. Priests and Enginseers can be the mandatory HQ choic and weaken resolve can target units in combat.
JotWW does not need a roll to hit.

Tau and Black Templars were NOT updated this time around - indication of them being released next most likely.

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