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Thursday, February 23, 2012

11th Company Podcast

Pat and I had a quick chat before 3++con last week to talk about the tournament and it's been put up on the latest 11th company podcast. My bit starts around the 1 hour 52 minute mark. I did however, make a booboo around 1:56 where I state that if you table your opponent you automatically win on objectivs/quarters but do not on Kill Points. This is incorrect, it is the other way around - if you table your opponent you automatically win the Kill Points parameter, no matter the actual outcome of number of units killed but you still play out the rest of the game (until it ends) to determine the capturing of table quarters and objectives.

For example, if you table your opponent but your opponent kills all your Troops, you cannot hold objectives or table quarters so whilst you would win the game (based on the KP parameter), you would not get maximum battle/percentage points since you cannot hold any objectives/table quarters. This rewards the opposing player for stopping you from doing that and encourage games not to focus on tabling opponents but rather the mission parameters.

Anyway, give it a listen! Stelek also talks to Pat about tournament terrain (52 mins).

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