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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Terrain-ing Wheels...

Hey goofballs and assorted lovemuffins, it's TKE.

I've been going through a lot of pictures of terrain the last couple days, and scouring the good old resource of eBay, and I've come to a baffling and disappointing conclusion;

Terrain doesn't really exist, in a commercial sense, for competitive gaming in this hobby.

Now, there are a large-ish number of 'themed' pieces, usable for display boards and incredibly impractical for actually playing on, but nothing really mass produced in a big way that fits the purpose of playing, the stuff that IS flat enough to allow models to move on it easily is either too large (Landing Pad) or too tall (again, Landing Pad meets that criterion...)

Pieces seem to be mostly created for the look, rather than serving any practical purpose...

As a prospective TO, I find this irritating, as I prefer to solve my problems simply by throwing money at them (as little as possible, of course!) rather than being forced into a the tedium of creating my own terrain from scratch, using up valuable free time I could be using painting an army or indeed playing the game in the first place.

Anyone else ever noticed this? Know of anywhere I can acquire terrain that proves me wrong?  Anyone else had issues with this while hosting their own events?

Let me know in the comments, and we can all bask in the reflective glow of smug satisfaction you get when you see a problem that it isn't up to you to fix.

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