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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1st Warmachine Battle Report - Khador v Menoth

This is under Vinsanity's username but posted by Kirby ^^. So Vincey and I finally played a real-life WM game – 15 points, Khador v Menoth (lists below). Our terrain was pretty sparse (the craters are in fact forests) with no fences or hills – something we shall rectify ASAP. Otherwise it was just to get us familiar with the layout in a real sense (compared to Vassal) and get us rolling dice + motivate me to finish the Menoth painting lol. Sorry for bad photos as well - Vince's camera is blah!

Pictures of Vince’s stuff will be at the bottom – all pretty good!

pButch (+6)
War Dog

pKreoss (+5)
Min Temple Flameguard
Min Choir

So Vince’s list is…well quite Jack heavy – I certainly don’t have the ability to take down to ARM20/34 box Warjacks and my TFG are relatively useless as an offensive force unless I can get them poking at anything but the Jacks really – they are of course lovely meatshields/tarpits and with DEF/ARM 15/19 with Defender’s Ward + Shield Wall, not really easy to put down.


That orange looks...well terrible with flash on. Flameguard make shield wall as far up as possible with the ability to run towards forest and gain protection/inability to be shot if Widowmakers are put in tower and are still Def15 with Defender's Ward if they go in the forest. Reckoner uses building to limit anything happening to him on that side and Redeemer hangs out behind the TFG to shoot rockets at anything. Choir + Kreoss hide behind jacks.

Vince's deployment is even more boring! Both Heavies deploy as far as possible, protecting pButch and his doggy whilst the Widowmakers use Advance Deployment to start up in the tower with good firing positions due to elevation though the forest can be a pain.

Nice little overview of everything.... so minimalistic.

Turn 1 - Menoth

Everything moves up! Kreoss casts Defender's Ward on the TFG and Lamentation on himself (which is unlikely to apply much here against pButch but nice to get it up early in case it's needed later and can just be dropped if not needed). Everything otherwise runs with Passage cast on both Warjacks to stop the Destroyer doing any potential damage (unlikely).

Turn 1 - Khador

pButch casts Iron Flesh on the Widowmakers and both Warjacks advance (Jugg runs). Destroyer is just in range of one of the TFG and gets a direct hit with his AOE gun but despite some boosting, ARM19 saves the day and nothing dies. pButch & puppy follow up.

Turn 2 - Menoth & Khador

Kreoss maintains both upkeeps and hands out one focus to Reckoner and two to Redeemer. Choir advances and makes both Warjacks better at killing things - the Reckoner follows this up with some shooting on the Jugg but only does three damage despite some boosting. Reckoner did not advance fully to ensure he gets to charge next turn against Jugg. TFG move into the forest for better defenses and to poke at the puppy or pButch if they come closer. The Redeemer follows this up with some very nicely placed blasts on the Widowmakers and takes three out (tiny deviations obviously, no direct hits). Kreoss walks up behind Redemeer and is out of range to cast anything.

pButch doesn't maintain upkeeps but re-casts Iron Flesh on himself and gives a focus to Jugg (who runs towards Reckoner) and two to Destroyer. Destroyer advances and shoots at Redeemer causing around 8 damagee but fails to hurt Kreoss even with a boosted roll. Widowmaker takes down one TFG in the forest. pButch and puppy advance.

Turn 3 - Menoth & Khador

What a nice photo finally.
Kreoss maintains both upkeeps again, gives Reckoner three focus and Redeemer two. Choir chants Battle Hymn on both Warjacks and the Reckoner goes to work. Despite both the gun getting boxcars for damage (so set on fire), the Reckoner is unable to disable any systems from Jugg and only takes off around 16 boxes. Uh-oh! Redeemer charges the War Doggy who manages to Tough it out but a follow-up Focus bought attack brings it to the ground. The TFG move out of the forest to protect the choir/threaten pButch later on whilst Kreoss runs and hides behind the Reckoner.

pButch doesn't maintain Iron Flesh, pops feat, gives two focus to Jugg, one to Destroyer and casts Full Throttle - incoming! Jugg starts swinging away at the Reckoner and leaves him with one box remaining but not cortex! Destroyer charges in on Redeemer and also leaves him on one box and pButch follows up to kill it. Widowmaker fails to do anything.

Turn 4 - Menoth

I made a boo-boo here but luckily it's okay as shall be explained! Kreoss maintains Defender's Ward but foregoes Lamentation and cannot give focus to Reckoner thanks to no cortex. One feat pop and Kreoss moves around the Reckoner and charges pButch. Here was my rules boo-boo - have to charge in a straight line. Kreoss had the movement to get to pButch normally thanks to reach but should have been in a different position and wouldn't have gotten the charging attack + bonus. However, one charging attack + one bought and boosted attack were enough to kill pButch thanks to 2x10 damage rolls (after minus dice). Kreoss still had three focus left so would have been able to effectively buy that boosted charge roll - still woops a doodle!

Conclusion -

I don't like 15 points - feels too much like 1000 points of 40k. Once my Reckoner was out of commision, there was nothing I could do about those heavy jacks (something I seem to have issue with) but I was able to get access to pButch when I probably shouldn't have (as he should have been further back and behind Destroyer to deny access lanes). The Redeemer was overcomitted and died for it and thus I needed to get the TFG + Kreoss into pButch that turn to really have a chance to win which Vince allowed me to do :P.

Anyway, game was fun. Was nice to see the models finally out on the table instead of 2-D pixels on Vassal. Slowish game with rules checking, etc. (and I'm sure we got a few things wrong we didn't notice but shall learn) but both of us had fun and looks like we shall indeed be staying the course ^^. Hopefully some 25-35 point games are to come with more happening and a better balance of stuff though Vince is waiting for some WGI first. I'll also make sure I take photos so I can add text to them easier and stuff - I think arrows and threat ranges if I can get them in without ruining the pictures will be good as well.

Now here are his Khadorian pictures!

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