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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Acolyte Stormbolter Conversion & Psyker WIP

Despite running around like a headless chicken lately, I've been doing some painting to get all my Marine armies in order (specifically Grey Knights since I've been playing them of late). You've seen what I've done with my Dreadnoughts and Rhino chassis' so I thought I'd show my latest work on some infantry - specifically the Henchmen. I've got two major henchmen types in use of late - Psykers and Acolytes who have a range of weapons from the standard laspistol/close combat weapon to stormbolters to meltaguns.
These are the models on order for the majority of my Psykers (14) with some WIP pictures of the current GW models I shall be using for the rest (4).

The Psyker is very WIP with only the blue cloak really being done (the white needs some more whitening) and I've obviously done little to no detailing as of yet but it gives you a picture of the general color scheme for the models.

Thanks to little magnets and pinning, most of the models will be able to represent any of those guns on them (though I'll obviously only have a set amount of meltaguns). Regardless, here is the first attempt at an Acolyte with a stormbolter. This was done over a previously painted model so the consistency of the paint isn't great and the stormbolter is simply two bolt pistols glued together - I wanted a visual of how the proportions worked out. I will be making a new stormbolter later from greenstuff and then casting it with instant mould.

Otherwise some of the detailing isn't finished (i.e. the belt & pouches) but you get the idea. Bases will be same as the rest of my Marines. Carapace armor and weapons has been done the same as my Marines - light blue highlighted with magenta trim highlighted. The major difference here is there is a lot of cloth and skin involved in the model. Normal fleshy tones seem to have worked fine, though I may darken it a bit and I've continued with the white with dark blue ink cloth effect I've used sparingly on the Marines. I think it works here as well but it might be a bit too much with the blue on blue.

Anyway, c&c appreciated!

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