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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Email in: BA DOA list

"Hey Kirbs,

Thanks for responding to my earlier Mech Marine question - the other list I've been noodling with is a pure DoA list (have been playing a sort of Blood Hammer list but decided I wanted to go whole hog and have the fun of saying "ok, I'm deployed." and then 10 minutes later "ok, my first turn is over" after my opponent moves and has nothing to shoot at.) Have been playing the Dante variant, simply because I don't have the models for the second Honor Guard squad needed for list 2 assembled. Both lists are 2k.

List 1: Descent of Dante (don't have the exact points/loads on this one in front of me)

Libby with JP Lance/Shield

Honor Guard w/4xmg (though have also tried 2x melta, 2x plasma)

2x 5xVV with JPs and a load that's something like TH/SS, LC/SS, BP/SS, LC/BP, PW/BP
2x Sang Priests with JPs

2x 10x with 2x MG and PFist
1x 5x with MG and PW
1x 5x with flamer and LC

List 2: Descent of Lance

2x Libby with JP, Lance/Shield 2x 125
2x Honor guard with 4x MG 2x 205

2x 5 VV with JPs 4x LC/2x SS 2x 250
2x Sang Priests with JP 2x 75

2x 10x ASM with 2x MG and PFist 2x 235
2x 5x ASM with MG 2x 110

Though I think list 2 has more pure power, the Dante list is possibly more reliable as I can place my MeltaGuard/Bloodlance unit exactly where I need it and then break Dante off into one of the VV squads (with one of the priests) after the initial assault (Hit and Run on a tooled out VV squad? Yes please!), should I find a way to get another SS or two into the vet squads and maybe tool out the small ASM squad sarges a little bit? I feel like I could put some flamer templates in here somewhere.

Thanks again in advance,

I think you're much better off with the 2nd list but drop a Libby and an Honor Guard for some Devastators + Scouts. You get more scoring options andimportantly gain ranged firepower - something DOA lists often lack. Whilst getting another shield+lance and four meltagun unit is nice, overcoming a lot of match-up issues with the Devastators is the better competitive option.

If you're looking for some more fiddly stuff on the small ASM squads, look to drop an LClaw from each of the VVets and get things like meltabombs, hand-flamer and infernous pistol so they can deal with almost anything on the drop. A power weapon wouldn't go amiss either but it's easier to torrent out as well.

The Dante option isn't really using Dante to his fullest ability with at least some Sang Guard as Troops and you're investing a lot in the HQ slot with only so-so gain.

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