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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Email in: 1500 point Vanilla Marines Chapter 501st


" Hiya Kirby,

My name is Jason and I live in Sydney. I only starting reading your blog a couple of months ago after constant,irratating/helpful reminders to start reading your blog. Ever since, all I do on the interweb is read your blog.

I was going to Clash of the Titans this year hearing you were to be there and wanting to participate in a tournament for once but a the last second, I changed my army list, which required more time and effort I could allow. Therefore, before next year's Clash, I would like your opinion of my current army list.


Master of the Forge
100 points


4x 10 Man Tactical Squads
- Combi-Flamer
- Melta Gun
- Multi-Melta
- Rhino
880 points

Scout Squad 5 Man
- 5x Snipers
- 5x Camocloaks
90 points


Sternguard Veterans
- 3x combi-meltas
- 2x Heavy Flamers
150 points

Sternguard Veterans
- 2x Lascannons
155 points

2x pLASmabacks
150 points

Grand Total: 1525

My plan is to send a rhino and on each side of the board with the other two rhinos and pLASmaback filled with the Heavy Flamer Sternguard hopefulley rampaging through the middle of the board. The Scout Squad in a objective based mission will camp at the top of a building will have a 2+ cover save due to their cami cloaks and bolster defences from the MoF. The Sternguard Squad with Lascannons will stay on a lower level so the scouts can not be assaulted.

I need help with two things: I'm 25 points over so what should I drop and what should my MoF do? What else should I change in my army?


sorry you could't make it to 3++con, hopefully see you next year.

Your list has a lot of scoring and not enough firepower outside of this. Tactical squads are nice all-round units but in terms of point efficiency, aren't bringing as much as you could for the points. I'd look to drop two of the 10x Tactical squads down to 5x strong and upgrade their Rhinos to LasPlas or downgrade to 3x10x Tacticals but look to combat squad one of them. With the spare points grab another Sternguard squad or some Land Speeders/Dreadnoughts/Predators for more fire support. Giving the MotF a Conversion Beamer will see him being more useful as well.

Basically, shifting points out of Troops to other slots is your best bet at this point - if you have the Space Marine models already, turning them into Sternguard is going to see your future purchases limited but you will at some point need some Preds/Dreads/Speeders as they are all excellent platforms and not too expensive points wise.

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