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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Email in: Grey Knights 1500 Points

"Long time reader and occasional commenter. I'm about to expand my Grey Knights and move away from using a Landraider and Crowe as it didn't give me many options and I had a real shortage of guys and the ability to target more than a few things per turn.

This list is based on having two scoring units with more added by the Grand Master in objective games (probably a Dread and then one of the Rezorback squads). In non-objective missions I'd probably outflank the Purgation Squad and 1-2 of the Purifiers to get side shots on vehicles and incinerators on things left near the table edge; Psychic Communion means there's a reasonable chance of this happening.

Deployment wise I'd put the GM with the Terminators behind a screen of vehicles and then move up into mid-field with the foot sloggers running first turn. Then lots of pysycannon fire with the foot squad as a countercharge unit and to scare things away. Every squad has 2 psycannons so there isn't anything overly obvious to focus on although they do all have specific things they are good at.

Looking at it the GM and Termies are a massive rock at nearly 1/3 of all the points but I can't see a way of making it work without the GM as he allows the flexibility of not taking lots of Strike Squads. Then, once I've got the GM he needs a unit to go in and the terminators are the only ones who can fill that role.

Anyway, here's the list:
1500 points Grey Knights
Grandmaster w/ Psycannon and Rad Grenades 235

5x Purifiers w/ 2 x Psycannon, 2 x Halberds, Daemonhammer in Psybolt Razorback w/Searchlight 200
5x Purifiers w/ 2 x Psycannon, 2 x Halberds, Daemonhammer in Psybolt Razorback 199

10x Strike Squad w/ 2xPsycannon, Psybolt Ammo, Hammer in Rhino 290
5x Terminators w/ 2xPsycannon, 2x Daemonhammer, 3x Halberd 250

Dreadnought w/ 2x TL-Autocannons, Searchlight 136
5x Purgation Squad w/ 2xPsycannons, 2xIncinerators in Psybolt Razorback 190

To make this I'm lacking a few Razorbacks, some Strike Squad guys and the TL-AC arms for the dread but I figure that even if this list doesn't work out they're going to be useful in whatever I go for afterwards. In addition to this I've also got a lot of halberd guys, 2 Land Raiders (one LRC, one magnetised as Godhammer/Crusader/Redeemer) and a Storm Chicken. I've got some henchmen but I'm really keen on sticking to pure GK at the moment; one day I plan on taking double death cultists in Land Raiders but not today.

Thanks in advance,

BTW, I've just painted the dread (admittedly with Multi-Melta arm) and grabbed a few pics if you need any for the article:"

The list is solid enough - the only thing I'd really be changing is the Purgation squad to another Psyfledread - you're lacking in ranged anti-tank and that would help that out a lot. Normally two Troops, even with GM, is something I'd steer away from but at 1500 it's passable - so is the GKT + Grandmaster though with the points saving from the Purgation squad I'd recommend dropping the GM's psycannon (as it's expensive as all buggery) and grabbing an Inquisitor with Psycannon. This might move away from your pure GK theme though - otherwise, spend the extra points on beefing out the Terminator squad.

With Grand Strategy though - don't bother with outflanking when you're not providing more scoring - scouting Purifiers make very scary units as you effectively double their number of psycannon shots Turn 1.

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