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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Email in: Back with Vinegar and Salt

"Hey guy,

It's been a while. I've been really trying to keep up with the blog, but life doesn't stop. I sent an email a while back about switching from a vanilla marine mech list and trying to adopt it accordingly to the Space wolves dex. Your replies helped a bit, and my army has changed quite, even more so do to the Grey Knight's reappearance. I realize after your "recent" review of the space wolve's dex that I've haven't been making really good use of my Elite and Heavy support slots. And I'll be honest I am really stubborn to change my make-up, I like heavy Armour, though recently a problem has been occuring. List first, what I am currently running:

1x Rune Priest - Wolftooth necklace, Chooser of the Slain, Saga of the Warrior Born - 155 (It's there for the hood, the upgrades are a bit much I think, but I didn't know where to put the points originally.)

2x Dreadnought - Twin-linked Autocannon, Twin-linked Autocannon - 125

1x Wolfguard (3) - Combi-flamer - 69 (Split into the three Razorbacks
with Priest)

2x Grey Hunters Pack (10) - Meltagun (2), Rhino - 190

2x Grey Hunters Pack (5) - Meltagun, Razorback, Twin-linked Lascannon - 155

2x Grey Hunters Pack (5) - Meltagun, Razorback, Lascannon and
Twin-linked Plasmagun - 155

3x Landspeeder Squadron (1) - Typhoon Missile Launcher - 90 (One for
each fast attack slot)

3x Predator - Autocannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsors - 85

So, 41 MEq, 11 armored chassis. A nice spread of direct fire that, for the most part, is able to fair well for what I've specified each unit for. now the problematic part. A lot of players have "kinda" rock like lists. Not much of rock, but units that are either very annoying in certain situations (Incubi, Hive guard, Broadsides) or have problematic gimmicks (Deathmarks, Vanguard Vet's, Cortez). In my games, I can't avoid most situations, but some of them. It's been coming a lot more enticing to just try and get ride of them completely in one fell swoop. Only way I can see doing it is that is by using high ap and strength blast weapons. Only decent unit that can field blast are Long Fang's and Typhoons, but str4/ap6 ain't exactly fitting the situation.

I generally find my self glancing at the Vindicator a lot more. Now, before anything is said, I'm looking for just one lucky shot (man that really didn't turn out the way I wanted it too), not something I'm depending on all game. I've tried using vindicators as a center fire base, it was hilarious for my opponent. I believe having just one unit try to take on this task, rather than creating a portion of my army to do it would be better. It seems that my mind is trying to convince it's self that 125 points is well worth the risk. Only trade off I see is -2 str7/ap4 for the whole game for a str10/ap2 for turn two and maybe three.

I would usually just look to past articles, but I feel that what I am looking for and the role I have the vindicator may make it a justifiable choice. Then again, reading Abusive Puppy's and Fester's articles, specfically the last fallacy 40k, maybe not?

- Navitude

P.S. As always, tips and other suggestions are appreciated!"

I think you're dealing with the units wrong - VVets are their own issue because they can come down and charge your Long Fangs but if you utilise your larger amount of units available, deathstar or super good units in combat are much less of a worry. Ranged units with strong defensive stats (Hive Guard and Broadsides) don't stand up well to Missile Launchers or Lascannons either and the Vindicator isn't really solving the problem - it's just trying to out-rock a rock.

What I'd rather see is a lot of trimming on that Rune Priest - he doesn't need that saga. With those points grab a couple more Wolf Guard so all of your Grey Hunter squads (so 10-strong become 9-strong - Mark of the Wulfen + Wolf Standard wouldn't go amiss here either) though in the end you should probably drop one of the units. Then look to change one or two of your Preds to Long Fangs with Missile Launchers and LasPlas RBacks. This keeps some preds for ranged anti-infantry but adds more missile launchers and lascannons and brings in another chassis to block and delay your opponent with. You lose a Troop but with Wolf Guard on all of them, they become a more reliable choice regardless.

The issue here then becomes the Grey Hunters are all alone in midfield. This is okay as you do have a lot of firepower supporting them but if you dropped one Typhoon for a small TWC squad, that could also help them out. As your list stands now, why would you have it as a Space Wolves list? I'd rather have heavy weapons from my Tacticals to go with this mobile stand-off force rather than aggressive midfield units (Grey Hunters) with double specials. Play a bit towards the Space Wolves strengths and I think you'll find dealing with tougher units is easier.

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