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Friday, February 3, 2012

Email in: Grand Master Mordrak 2000 Army List(s)



I have been playing miniature games only since 2008, and was introduced to your site about a year ago. I have off and on visited the site and really enjoyed some of the reading and advice you have had for your readers. I figured it was about time to email and see if I can get my own Army List posted. I want to play this list as a fun, themed based, tournament worthy list all in the same game.

Grand Master Vorth Mordrak's Ghostly Guardians List
Grand Master Mordrak 200
x3 Ghost Knight (Force Halberd) 40
x1 Ghost Knight (Daemon Hammer) 40

x1 Librarian (Warding Stave, x2 Servo Skulls, Teleport Homer, Might of Titan, Sanctuary, The Shrouding, Warp Rift) 230

x10 Grey Knight Terminator Squad (x2 Daemon Hammer, x2 Psycannon/x2 Halberds, x6 Halberds, Psybolt Ammunition) 475
x10 Grey Knight Terminator Squad (x2 Daemon Hammer, x2 Psycannon/x2 Halberds, x6 Halberds, Psybolt Ammunition) 475
x10 Grey Knight Terminator Squad (x2 Daemon Hammer, x2 Psycannon/x2 Halberds, x6 Halberds, Psybolt Ammunition) 475
2000 Points

OR remove one of the x10 GKT squads and replace it with...

x1 Nemesis Dreadknight (Heavy Incinerator, Personal Teleporter) 235
x1 Nemesis Dreadknight (Heavy Incinerator, Personal Teleporter) 235
1995 Points (I would find something to add to the Libarian OR take 5 points from him and Mastercraft the Justicars Daemon Hammers)

First off, this is a deep striking list, using First to the Fray, Psychic Communion, teleport homer and servo skulls.

With Grand Strategy from Mordrak, I felt like I given myself a pretty decent chance of providing 2 out of the 3 GKT groups with an extra trick up their sleeve. I have played this list a few times and found that both Hammer of Righteousness(re-roll 1's To Wound in CC) and Spear of Light(Scout Special Rule) have helped out greatly depending on the type of game. With those options in mind, I have chosen to combat squad each 10 man GKT into equal 5 man groups every game I have played.(Is that a bad thing?)

Also with Mordrak's First to the Fray, which I have personally seen good and bad things come of this. I have typically added the Librarian with Mordrak to do this. With a deep strike that does not scatter I can literally place that unit where ever I want on the table. (Example: I played against an Orc biker list with a fairly large Nob/Power Claw squad, dropping Mordrak, Ghosts and Librarian, with the arrangement of the Librarians Warp Rift, I was able to kill 6 nobs out of 8, the other 2 failed leadership and ran off the table, Librarian then cast Sanctuary to insure that if the rest of the bikes on the table wanted to attack they would have to roll or die, ALL on turn 1. The shooting turn was ugly, but with all of that happening it allowed me to almost surround the bikes with terminator squads)

You had talked about redundancy in 3 different ways in a previous post about army building. This list can field 6 different 5 man GTK scoring units with a strength 8-10 hammer, x4 Int 6 force weapons, a relentless psycannon and x4 str 5 stormbolters in each unit seems to fit that bill.(Comments welcome!)

Using the Nemesis Dreadknight's seem to have their advantages as well. I gain some much needed speed, but also a hordes threat of the heavy incinerators and the Str 6-7 monsterous creature attacks on vehicles can just be ridiculous.

I would greatly appreciate your comments on the ups and downs of these 2 lists.


The overall list is okay but not great. Some armies are going to have trouble handling 36 Terminators but most aren't. Look at a Deathwing list which has the same number of models, often with a better 3++ invulnerable, and support from Predators, Speeders/Bikes and Dreadnoughts. The advantage here is anti-infantry (lots of S5 storm bolters), first strike in combat (I6 halberds) and mobility with Mordrak + accurate deep-strike + summoning (which your Librarian should have btw).

But what then? You've got six psycannons which isn't going to do that much to tanks and it's not like you're running around with a massive amount of 2+ save guys which your enemey simply couldn't have a chance of killing in time (i.e. 40-50+). The Dreadknights help this out a bit as they provide something different and mobility but they are in general, a poor choice. Too easy for opponents to take down from range.

With that in mind I would consider dropping one of the GKT squads for other units and use Grand Strategy + Summoning to bring the army together (deep-striking works as well). Units like Interceptors or Purifiers can bring more bodies, more psycannons and extra flexibility to the table. Whilst you lose some army-wide durability, increasing your firepower at this point is pretty important. You could even end up dropping two of the GKT squads to grab more of these squads (or even some Razorbacks + Dreadnoughts) but that's moving away from the approach I believe you are aiming for.

In the end it will be a list which struggles against some opponents - anyone who is particularly mobile or has lots of anti-infantry firepower can overcome Mordrak's First to the Fray + Summoning + Deep-striking whilst you haven't thrown out an impossible number of 2+ models to deal with. By upping the overall numbers with some 3+ Grey Knights, you can create more saturation and firepower and get more use outof Grand Strategy.

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