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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Email in: Necrons 2000pts

Death Squads


First I want to say that I love your blog. I have settled on the first thousand points of my list, but I have been having trouble settling on the second half of my army. I have what I think I want to run as the second half of the list but I'm looking for your impute.

the First half consists of:
1 X Triarch Stalker - 150pts
20 X Necron Warriors - 260pts
10 X Necron Immortals with Tesla Carbines - 170pts
1 X Necron Overlord with Phaeron, Res. Orb, Tachyon Arrow, Warschythe, Phase Shifter - 225pts
6 X Canoptek Wraith with 3 X Whip Coils - 240pts

The second half of the army that I think that I want to go with is as follows.

10 X Necron Immortals with Tesla Carbines - 170pts
5 X Necron Warriors - 65pts
5 X Necron Warriors 65pts
5 X Tomb Blades with Shield Vanes, and Particle Beamers 200pts
3 X Canoptek Spyder - 150pts
10 X Canoptek Scarabs - 150pts
1 X Triarch Stalker - 150pts

Leaving 10pts left to spend

Any advice that you can offer would be greatly apreciated.


Francis Porter"

You're obviously going after a mostly foot list but the Triarch Stalkers therefore stand out - you either need to drop them or get some more vehicles like Barges + Ghost Arks.

Beyond that - how are you killing tanks? You've got 2x Stalker and one group of Scarabs and that's really your main anti-tank, no Crypteks or Barges or anything else means tanks are going to behard to drop. You do have extra damage from the Blades, Wraiths, Guass and S5 Tesla but your actual tank dropping ability is pretty low so I'd be looking to get to work on improving that.

Since you have the Wraiths in part of your first group, I'd drop the Tomb Blades (one of them needs to go) and swap the Scarabs to two groups of 5. I'd then shave off quite a few of the Overlord upgrades - Phaeron, Orb and Scythe are all good picks but wouldn't go much beyond that - then buy a Royal Court and grab some Lance Crypteks (and a Solar Pulse). You'll need to cut back on some of your Troops though so I think you have two choices here.

Cut back the Immortals so you can get a couple Ghost Arks for the small Warrior squads (with attached Crypteks) or cut back the Warriors and get multiple Barges. I think going the Ghost Arks and maybe some more Sypders keeps the army closest to what you started with whilst still adding saturation. Either way, you're adding more vehicles to your army which is important and you have a very nice midfield objective holder which is vulnerable to assault but you have multiple layers of assault defense (scarabs, wraiths, spyders) and aren't stuck with just two vehicles who stick out like sore thumbs (stalkers) whilst having added more anti-tank to the table (crypteks and potentially barges).

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