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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Email in: New Tau player at 500pts looking to enact revenge... for the greater good.


"Hey Kirby!

Unlike many of of your submitters, I'm really new to 40K and your site. A group of friends and I have been playing for a few months now (myself for the greater good). I was enjoying proving the internet wrong by being a competitive force at 500pts AND using mostly just what I got from my Tau Battleforce box... We don't need no stinkin codex update! That was until one guy picked up Blood Angels. He basically spams jet packs and is crashing my slow and squishy lines by turn two or three.

I know some people look down on a list tailored towards a specific threat but I really need to put this guy in his place. I've called in reinforcements from eBay and have several more Crisis suits inbound. Now I'm trying to put together a BA killing list and was hoping for some input:

Crisis Suit: Shas'El, Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, TA, MT(HW)
Crisis Suit: Shas'Vre, Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, TA, MT(HW)
Crisis Suit: Shas'Vre, Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, TA, MT(HW)

Stealth Suit: Shas'Ui, Burst Cannon, Team Leader , Marker Light
Stealth Suit: Shas'Ui, Burst Cannon
Stealth Suit: Shas'Ui, Burst Cannon

Troop 1:
6x Fire Warriors: Pulse Rifle

Troop 2:
6x Fire Warriors: Pulse Rifle


I've got a few extra points but am unsure where to spend them. I'm a big fan of Fire Warriors when used in mass, but this guy seems to have some sort of demonic power over dice and does better than average on his armor saves. Also since we are all new we've outlawed Heavy Support options and armor that totals over 33. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.


BA Jump based lists can be quite hard for a Tau list to deal with due to their abilityh to shrug off a lot of shots. What you need to do, is delay them so you can fire your Crisis Suits into them for as long as possible. This means using units to delay the Jumpers so they cannot engage your Crisis Suits.

I'd completely drop the Stealth Suits and the Shas'vre Bodyguards and turn those points into PR/MP Crisis Suits. You're spending too many points on the 'Vres when that extra 20 points is basically buying you BS4 - I'd rather the extra suit. The Stealths are just Burst Cannons which you don't really need, most Tau armies can bring S5 shooting without even trying and their Stealth system generally doesn't stop most armies from reaching out and slapping them around.

You then have a couple options - either sink all your points into more PR/MP suits and try to overwhelm everything which comes at you or shave some Fire Warriors and buy some Kroot + Pirhanas to try and force the Jumpers to engage such units far away from your Crisis Suits so they can continue to shoot longer. Either approach works at such a small points level but you'll probably find the firepower approach does better simply because you're specialising (which at lower point levels is generally the better route to go).

If you start to move up in point levels though, certainly be looking to get those extra defensive units in though.

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