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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Email in: Daemons of Chaos help wanted


"Hi Kirby

I have been a long time reader of your site which has really been quite interesting for me to read. I can't find many Daemons of Chaos articles on your site, but I am hopeful someone will be able to answer some of my questions

In my first ever game, my Daemon army was playing vanilla marines. He had two librarians, which seemed a bit odd, because this player never uses psychic powers normally. It turned out that both of his Librarians had Null Zone, something I had no counters for, due to the bubble range being longer than my longest charge ranges.

Do you have any advice how to stop them from ruining my saves? My initial thoughts are to swamp them with models using Boon of Mutation, but this relies on the models landing with a very small margin for error.

My second question is how does the Fateweaver rerolling saves affect Null Zone? Do they cancel each other out, do you roll a 4+ to determine which applies, or do both of them apply but in a specific order?

Many Thanks"

Unfortunately there is little you can do - Daemons as an army just have a lot of issues and lack of psychic defenses is one of them. If it's in casual games though, I'd be asking them not to use Null Zone (can't do anything about it at tournaments) though it does sounda bit like your opponent planned for you (if he didn't use it normally and then ran two NZ Libbies).

Beyond that, attempting to engage the Libby in combat ASAP and killing it before the SM's mass amount of shooting can affect you is your best choice. The problem is you're going to be hit by at least one round of shooting if not two with NZ up. You could try and drop it and kill the unit he's with, but if they are in a tank that's quite hard for Daemons to do (another issue). Otherwise, using Slaanesh based units which can assault from a fair distance away (hello Fiends) to minimise shooting can be of assistance here.

In regards to Fateweaver and Null Zone - they cancel each other out though some people prefer you roll twice and just accept the 2nd roll. Either way is fine though the latter is a bit pedantic.

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