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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vinsane Painting Commissions Pricing Question and Pics

Hey pinkies. So I was thinking of starting up a commission painting service for anyone interested as I need a bit of cash :P

I do have some problems regarding pricing and thats why I'd like to ask 3++ for any ideas. Should I go fixed cost per model or per unit or even go with an hourly rate? Then there is also an issue with getting overseas clients because our (normally poor) Aussie dollar is going quite well atm so it wouldn't be so affordable for US clients because our dollar is higher atm. I think any UK clients should be ok however...

Another thing is that I need to probably charge for spraying, building and basing any models which I have to buy here. It would be ideal if people probably send over their models and I will send them back after painting rather than me paying the ridiculous Aussie GW prices in buying the models and then passing on that cost to clients. It isn't ideal to buy local GW models but it is an option I guess...

Anyway, the 2nd part of this post is to show of some minis I've done so as to better assess the prices to charge and to get some of my piccies out there for potential clients to see. If anyone wants pics of anything not shown, I've probably got pics of it in my photobucket gallery (its a bit disorganised :P) Anywho, drop me comments re pricing et al here and email me if you are interested in some Vinsane Painting :P

Pics in random order ^^ (and Vince apologies for screwing up this post after it was posted and taking it down *eyeroll*).

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