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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Email in: What to use this for..... mechancius army

"Take a look at this ...

So I have

2 Tzeentch Herald/Triarch Stalketrs - harbinger tanks
8 Flamers/Immortals - shatter robots
24 Pink Horrors?Warriors - iron guard
3 Changeling/Scribes/ Crypteks - Masterminds
12 Nurgling Swarms/Scarabs - steel scorpians
3 Screamers/Heavy Destroyers - disruptors
2 Daemon Princes - golems
3 Spyders/Soulgrinders - Metal Progenaters
3 Necron Lords - machine lords
7 Plaguebearers/Wraiths - deathstalkers
1 Deamon Prince/C'Tan - Avatar of the Machine God

So I could use them for Deamons or Necrons but what other lists do you think I could make with these models? Any suggestions?

look into my bag of tricks "

This isn't really my area of expertise so I'll let the bunch of experts in the chatbawks run over here into the comments section and provide their thoughts.

The thing which jumps out to me quickly though is Mechanical Tyranids of some description? The army certainly has a more Xenos than Imperial feel so not sure you could get justify using them as Counts-As Imperial Guard or Space Marines.

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