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Monday, March 26, 2012

35pt Ossyan List thoughts

Lost Hemisphere

With Menoth rolling away (and Vince never playing me, forcing me to look to Vassal), it's time of course to look to my next army! I probably won't get this for a while but it's nice to play around with lists, understand the army (particularly when playing against it) and playtest a little on Vassal.

Ossyan (+6)
 - Banshee (10)
Min Invictors + UA (8)
Full MHSF + UA (10)
Stormfall Archers (5)
Destor Thane (4)
Arcanist (1)
Arcanist (1)
Sylys Wyshnalyrr (2)

35 points.

So some quick thoughts on this and then some options.

Ossyan has a lot of upkeep options so running Sylys for upkeep and focus management. The main question for me is the Arcanists - running two for one 'Jack seems silly but I'd like to run one to ensure the Banshee can pump out P+S19 reach attacks and not sure what other 1 point options are good for RoS. Two at least provides even more focus management for Ossy which could allow for easy focus camping. Destor Thane helps with some of Ossy's poor Command issues whilst also having an excellent threat range and mobility options.

MHSF are pretty standard goodness (particularly with Quicken) and Invictors are a very nice jack of all trades, master of none sort of unit. With a Reach heavy and upkeeps like Quicken & Shatter Storm though, they can provide a bit more of everything than normally expected. Stormfalls provide some very nice ranged support, particularly in conjunctin with the Banshee being able to KD large targets. The Banshee is obviously your stock standard beatstick but with some excellent utility options with the Force Cannon and Wailing ability.

Anyway, thoughts and opinions would be lovely. I think the major changes would revolve around the Invictors (replace with full Halbs?) and Banshee (Hypnos? Discordia?) and any associated solo changes.

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