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Monday, March 26, 2012

Email in: 1500 necrons

"Hy Kirby,
For the beginning excuse my poor english, I'm french, nobody's perfect :)

I send you a idea for a list I want to play for a futur tournament but I don't know if the list can be efficient or no. The tournament alows only lists that are between 3,5 and 6 Kompmallen points. For the moment I think the list sucks at anti-vehicule but I don't know what can I put inside. And for every list I make, my problème is always that I don't know what to put for destroy vehicules with my necron. So Kirby, can you help me to understand this beautiful army ? So can yo

u correct my army list and, on the other side show me what is the perfect 1500 necron list for you ?

Thanks a lot,

The list :

Overlord + scythe + barge = 180
* 2 harbringers of destruction + solar pulse = 90
* 1 harbringer of trans = 30
Total = 300

Overlord + scythe + phaeron = 150
* 2 harbringers of destruction + solar pulse = 90
* 1 harbringer of trans = 30
Total = 270

17 warriors = 221
8 teslamortals = 136
8 teslamortals = 136
8 teslamortals = 136

4 tomb blades with particule beamer = 120

Annihilation Barge = 90
Annihilation Barge = 90

Total = 1499"

Your English is better than my French :P.

At 1500, two Overlords is a lot - they are nice on their own but you really want them to access the Courts and really anything below 1750...that's a pretty hefty investment. Even though one is on foot... I'd personally drop one (the footlord) and combine the courts into one (keeping the destruction crypteks). You lose a pulse but save lots of points.

With the points saved you can grab a Ghost Ark for the Warriors and I'd cut down their size a bit since you're not running them with a Phaeron. THe rest of your points could go into two Scarab squads plus Spyder support - Scarabs are excellent at screwing over parking lots and you have a pretty decent amount of suppression fire with everything you've got floating around.

If you're still finding yourself really strapped for anti-tank, go with Heavy Destroyers (two squads of two) or if you still have points leftover at this point, a Stalker or two to provide some S8 AP1 and make the Teslamortals an even better midfield presence.

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