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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Discussion: Terrain

I got an email recently from Genius Factory Games in relation to terrain, the body of which can be seen below. The gist is what terrain would be best to produce which would see most use in tournaments. Rather than let just myself answer, I'm opening this up to everyone on 3++ and we can hopefully compile a rough list to send back!

"We at Genius Factory have been looking at trying to put together a low-cost laser-cut terrain solution oriented in part towards those trying to put together big events-- our goal is to create "table in a bag" kits with all the terrain that one needs to set up a table available in one source for cheap. I know you have some experience with getting things set up for 3++ con, so in your experience, what sorts of terrain do you find most desirable and most useful, and how much of it do you tend to have per table?"

Some obvious things from my POV:
  • needs to cover a quarter of the board when stuck into little clumps
  • needs to have different types - i.e. forests, ruins, area terrain, plateau-like BLOS, buildings, etc.
  • different themes - people love to play on themed tables and if you can get the different terrain types mixed into specific themes (i.e. winter box, jungle box, etc.) that would be even cooler
  • have a rough terrain layout of what you want each bag to do - i.e. cover a full 6'x4' board with tournament style terrain or half a board and allow customers to mix and match by buying two bags, etc.
Anyway, have at it.

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