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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Email in: space wolves 1500


"Hi Kirby, I really enjoy your tactical analysis and thought I'd ask for your feedback on a space wolves list.

1500 Arjac+Thunderwolves
Rune Priest- choser,LL,SC 110 w/GH3
Wolf Guard Pack 264
Arjac Rockfist 188 w/GH1
WG-TH,CM 48 w/GH2
WG-PW,BP 28 w/ WS
Wolf Scouts(5) 85
Dreadnought- MM 105
Grey Hunters(10) 165
Melta x 2, Standard
Grey Hunters(7) 125
Melta, MoW
Rhino 35
Grey Hunters(5) 80
Rhino 35
Landspeeder-MM,HF 70
Thunderwolf(2) 130
Long Fangs(6) 140
ML x 5
Razorback 40
Long Fangs(5) 115
ML x 4

I know its not going to dominate against mech-spam lists, but I expect to face more lists that are based around super-killy ICs and so Arjac should be able to recover his points without too much trouble. I am going for max disruption with some blocking hulls to herd opponents into my foot units. If I were to go up to 1750, I'd add another landspeeder and a lasplas razorback and maybe another thunderwolf or GH squad. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks Kirby!"

Arjac is really expensive and not really worth it even if you expect to face a lot of ICs. A guy with a powerfist often works just as well for a fraction of the cost. I'd therefore drop Arjac and look to do a few little tweaks.

Drop the 10 man Hunter unit to 9 strong so when a WOlf Guard attaches, they can fit in a Rhino. Give them a Rhino and make sure both Wolf Guards attaching to the larger Grey Hunters have combi-meltas and I'd say at least power fists. Giving both Hunter units mark of the wulfen and standard would be good, too. The Wolf Guard with the Scouts would also benefit from a Fist/combi-melta combo but the Fist is less necessary.

Outside of that, try to get the points to upgrade the Razorback to LasPlas (you might have some leftover from dropping Arjac, if not, lose a Long Fang) and giving the Thudnerwolves more bodies or at the minimum, some sort of weapon instead of the SS. Wolf Claws and Thunderhammers are good choices.

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