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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Email in: 40k 2000pt Dark Eldar Webway list

"G'day Kirby,

I'm sure you get a stack of these everyday, and I admire your dedication to providing the community with some great advice on people's lists. I've tried to run a blog before (failed miserably) so I can appreciate the amount of work that goes into it. I'm hoping you might be able to give me some feedback on a 2k Dark Eldar Webway list I'm toying with. I'm not a competitive player (maybe in the future) and don't know how competitive webway builds can be, but I just love the fluff element of a webway list, so I'm determined to make it work as best as possible. That being said, I'd still like to rack up a few wins with it.

First, a bit of info on my local gaming group. I play with a small group of blokes in the Inner west of Sydney, mainly for laughs. We're not ultra competitive, and none of us follow the WAAC methods. Our group consists mostly of marines (suprise!) with Blood Angels, Ultramines, Tau, Grey Knights, Necrons, Eldar and some 'Nids. Rarely do I come up against the typical MSU style armies with stacks of Rhinos / Razorbacks etc. Usually I'll only face 4-5 vehicles at most. Primarily, we're there to have fun.

Anyway, the list is as such:

Haemonculus, webway portal, Liquifier Gun (95)
Haemonculus, webway portal, Liquifier Gun (95)
Baron Sathonyx (105)

Incubi x 6 (132)
- Raider w/ Enhanced Aethersails, Grisly Trophies, Flickerfield (80)

Wyches x 14, w/ Hexatrix + Agonizer, 2x Shardnet and Impaler, Haywire
grenades (230)

Kabalite Warriors x9, w/ Shredder (86)
- Raider w/ Splinter Racks, Flickerfield, Enhanced Aethersails (85)

kabalite Warriors x5 (45)
- Venom w/ additional Splinter cannon (65)

kabalite Warriors x5 (45)
- Venom w/ additional Splinter cannon (65)

Fast Attack:
Hellions (counts as troops) x 13 (208)
Beastmasters x3 w/ Razorwing x4, Khymera x5 (156)
Beastmasters x3 w/ Razorwing x4, Khymera x5 (156)

Heavy Support:

Talos Pain Engine w/ Twin linked Liquifier, Twin linked haywire,
additonal CC weapon (125)
Talos Pain Engine w/ Twin linked Liquifier, Twin linked haywire,
additonal CC weapon (125)
Cronos Parasite Engine w/ Spirit Vortex (100)

Basic strategy is one Haemo goes with the Incubi and the second with the squad of 9 Kabalites. These two units along with two venoms deploy, everything else goes in reserve to be deployed through the portals. Depending on terrain and deployment, I'll aim to get the Kabalites into cover (preferably onto an objective) turn 1 whilst the haemo drops the first portal. Meanwhile, the Incubi and 2nd Haemo flat out to a better position, to drop the second portal turn 2. My aim here is to cut off as much as the board as possible with the two portals, ideally hemming my opponent in.

Wyches are there primarily as a tarpit but with haywires for some opportunistic anti-vehicle. Hellions for general harrasment / objective grabbing and Beasts chewing up whatever they can get their hands on.

I'm relunctant about running only 2 venoms - I'll usually have 3-4, but hopefully they'll be okay as backfield gun ships. I'm also wary about not running any Ravagers - I'm hoping the Talos and Haywire Wyches can make up for them though. I know I'm lacking in anti-vehicle - in a big way. But as I said, my local meta doesn't have a massive amout of vehicles.

Anway, I appreciate your time - I'm sure you're extremely busy, but I'd love some feedback if you have the chance. Keep up the great work- 3++ is definately one of the better 40k / gaming blogs out there.


I don't like running Hybrid Portal lists except with a few exceptions - i.e. Duke and Venoms/Ravagers where vehicles can then come in from reserve and impact from the get-go (by either moving 12" and shooting or deep-striking). Raiders can work the same way here but aren't very point efficient for the firepower you're getting.

With that, I'd drop both Raiders you have and probably the Warriors with them - change these to more Wyches perhaps? As a Webway delivery system I'd use Harlies with Shadowseer + Fusion Pistols + Kisses. It gets you more anti-tank, is still a good combat unit (so can replace the Incubi) and is hard to shoot off the table T1 (unlike squishy DE in vehicles even with FNP). Yes they don't the pain token bonus nor the movement of a skimmer but even dropping a WWP 18" in + the diameter of the webway gives your Wyches/Talos/Beasts/Hellions or whatever else comes out of the Portal lots of options and ability to reach across the table.

Since you don't have Duke, running just Venoms as your vehicles is okay but they are going to very vulnerable to being shot down - they aren't durable normally and only having a few opens them up to all sorts of anti-tank. Regardless, if you keep them make sure they come in from reserve so they aren't shot down early when your army is split up.

Your anti-tank is lacking but if you're not facing many vehicles that's okay - however, I'd look to run heat lances on the Talos along with the Fusion pistol Harlies just so you have some AP1 and direct anti-tank shots in there.

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