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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vincey's Initial Warmachine Thoughts

Hey pinkies. So Kirby wants my WM thoughts because he can't think of what to post in this timeslot they provide valuable insight into the game as we learn it together (duh)! So here I am with my thoughts after our first RL 15pt WM game. Remember, this is coming from a noob who has only played a 15 pt game...

1) Threat ranges: Probably the most important thing in this game and kinda goes hand in hand with the second point. As you saw from the bat rep, I lost Butcher having not realised that Kreoss has such a potent (although risky) assassination threat range with his reach weapon and his feat... I also didn't know that models could charge around others into combat (even if he couldn't see which I think he might have been able to) and hence i overextended Butcher and lost him (though we know this to be incorrect in terms of Kreoss getting the charge but he still could have engaged Butcher in melee so moot point). This is on me though, having not read the rules properly (or at all!)

2) Know thy enemy: This is important in any game but seems very critical in WM because whilst the mechanics of the game are the same, the different factions are all very different and can bring some nasty tricks. I didn't know what anything did in the Menoth army and I'm sure Kirby wasn't very familiar with Khador either. The different threat ranges of things are a big deal here, because overextending those 1-2 inches often will spell death for your caster.That is perhaps going to be our greatest challenge with WM, knowing the enemy that we are facing and what they can and cannot do and what you can and cannot do to them...

3) Khador is slooooooow: Like... yea. Obviously that is part of the playstyle with the high armour of jacks and often his DEF of the infantry but what it often means is that you have to take the first blood and get charged by big hurty stuff and be prepared to hit very hard on the counter. It seems well and good but a little bit limiting in what they can do (there might be fast Khador lists out there, I don't know lol).

4) Getting used to the 'doing everything with one model before the next': Coming from 40k and having never played WM before, it is fairly different and you have to think a little differently. Enough said here I guess, I will get used to this and I quite like the mechanics.

5) Too many jacks: Some Khador casters have trouble supporting more than 1-2 jacks and even with Butcher, his 6 focus often went pretty quickly (mostly to Destroyer). I guess I will get used to playing with 1-2 jacks in most lists rather than going with unbalanced 4-5 jack style (however, Karchev is different ^^)

I think thats about it for now :P I really really like WM from my limited experience, the mechanics seem very nice and I quite like having to think of what to allocate your focus on. There seems much more reliance on building balanced lists that compliment and support each other using different units which is a nice change from having to face 6 of the same unit and transport in 40k. Indeed, the jacks almost exclusively rely on the casters to give them the ability to do much more than just the minimal. So overall, from my limited experiences I'm really enjoying WM :P If anyone has any Khador or general Warmachine advice for me (and I am asking for any advice here!), drop me an email and I would be much obliged! :D

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