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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Email in: Blood Angels Jumper List 1850

122nd Cadian


Firstly I'd like to say you have an amazing blog I have been a lurker on it for almost a 6 months now and enjoy the articles you and Abusepuppy write. Secondly I would like you input on a BA DOA list if you have time of course!

So the list is 1850 and is a counts as Night Lords list.


Librarian - Jump Pack, Shield of Sanguinius, Blood Lance

Honor Guard - Jump Packs, 3 Meltaguns

Librarian - Jump Pack, Shield of Sanguinius, Smite

Honor Guard - Jump Packs, 3 Plasmaguns


Sanguinary Priest - Jump Pack

Sanguinary Priest - Jump Pack


10 Assault Marines - Flamer, Plasmagun
Sargent with Thunder Hammer

10 Assault Marines - Flamer, Meltagun
Sargent with Thunder Hammer

Fast Attack

5 Vanguard Vets
1 Vet with Thunder Hammer
3 Vets with Power Weapons
Sargent with Dual Claws

5 Vanguard Vets
1 Vet with Thunder Hammer
3 Vets with Power Weapons
Sargent with Dual Claws

That comes in at 1790 giving me 60 points to play with and I'm sure what to add or if I'm even in the right ball park with some of the set ups. Any thoughts on how you would change the list?

- D -"

Not enough Troops by a long shot I'm afraid. Also, too many points sunk into HQ and Vanguard :(.

Going double Honor Guard is always a tempting choice - FNP/FC bubbles and four special weapons? Sounds good but you need to outlay a lot of points just to get there from your HQ and two Libbies has a lot less utility value than just the one - you're getting less bang for your buck essentially. Drop the extra Libby and Honor Guard and grab another full ASM squad with double melta + PFist (or Thunderhammer). Look to change the other ASM to double melta as well.

The VV have too many weapons and just become too expensive. Personally running them with a couple power weapons or LClaws and one PFist is fine - anymore and it's going overboard. Consider those excess points to be switched around to Storm Shields.

At this point you'd have a decently solid pure Jumper list though there are some lists which you will have some serious issues coming up against when you cannot do anything at range (deploying via DoA isn't always the best way). If you're finding this and want to branch out a bit, I'd drop one of the VV squads for 2x5x Devs with Missile Launchers. Gives you some reach and adds a bit of balance to your army's offensive arsenal.

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