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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Email in: GK list, I know, sorry...

Grey Knights

"Hi Kirby, I really enjoy the blog it's got a ton of useful info on there for a relative 40k newbie like me, although I've been gaming in one form or another for 30 years on and off. I'd really like to put a GK list together at 1750 that has some synergy in the list but on my own it's likely to be a poor list. It doesn't need to be a super list but one that can be competative against most armies in the game. I'm building from scratch as i've got a vanilla marine army at present so no real limitations on units but I do like dreadnaughts as models and was quite taken with the GK dread list thats on the site but from the comments it might need some tweeking on the HQ side and troops? I guess at 1750 I'm looking a 2 x Ven dread MM DCCW and 2 x Psyflemen dreads as a start but not sure where to take the rest of the list? Libby as HQ for the buffs? GKSS for troops but full squads in rhinos or msu in razors?


2x TDA Inquisitors w/Psycannon
2x9x Acolytes, 6 stormbolters, 3 meltaguns
2x Ven Dread
5x5x GKSS w/Psycannon, Psyback (Razorback with Psybolt Ammo)
2x Psyfledread

I think that satisfies what you might be looking for and you've got two points spare for searchlights.

Inquisitors join the Acolytes and use them as bubble-wrap essentially - GKSS move up in range from Psybacks and provide supporting fire and maintain distance as much as possible. Ven Dreads provide extra melta and some support for the Acolytes whilst Psyfledreads and Psybacks support from a distance.

It's a little light on AT for my tastes as the meltaguns aren't going anywhere quickly but it's got plenty of suppression ability with the Psybacks and enough shots from the Psycannons + Psyfledreads to give mech pause.

I didn't go for a Libby as I don't think you're going to be taking maximum advantage of him without a nice unit to plunk him in (Terminator based) or with Chimeras running around (Coteaz). He's a nice utility box but not really necessary and the Inquisitor + Acolyte units give you some protection against combat and add quite a bit of firepower.

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