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Friday, March 2, 2012

Email in: The Duke goes Deep (or Derp) A 2000 point deep strike list


"Hello Kirby,

Love the site! Ive been reading your articles for the last several months and actually you helped me over the summer with a "help me lose" question I had. I just kept losing and losing, it was becoming very frustrating and you had some great words of wisdom that I really took to heart.

With that being said, I have a tournament coming up and after much practicing and fine-tuning I present to you my Derp strike list! Because in my local area there are a lot of shooty GK lists as well as tons of shooting from massed long fangs and las/plas backs, hydras, executioner tanks, etc etc, I have found the best way to deal with them is to not even be on the board. Thus my derk strike list was born! Ive had some really good success with it for the last few weeks but if you or one of the other guys could take a look at it Id really appreciate it.

HQ - Duke
Elites -3 trueborn w/ blasters and HWG, Raider w/ FF and Dark Lance. X3
Troops- 8 warriors, 1 w/ blaster 1 sybarite w/ blast pistol in Raider
with TGL, FF, Dark Lance. (duke goes here)
5 warriors 1 w/ blaster 1 sybarite w/ blast pistol in dakka venom X55
Heavy - Razorwing jetfighter TL splinter rifle, monoscythe missiles
x4, disintegrator cannon x2, night shields. X2
ravager dark lance x3, FF

Comes in right at 1997."

Overall the list looks pretty solid and can start both on and off the board as needed. I'd personally be running 2x Ravagers over the Razorwings however - the Razorwings have the advantage of extra anti-infantry but with Duke Warriors + 5 Venoms and the rest of your splinter, you don't really need this extra firepower. Grabbing another Ravager gives you more anti-tank which Dark Eldar are always fond of.

I'd also be looking to get Shock Prows on every Raider you have - always useful for moving infantry, etc. Not sure on the Haywires for the Trueborn either - I'd potentially drop them and maybe add some nightfields onto your vehicles or look to get some Scourges to bring more firepower if you can shave the points (potentially dropping all the blast pistols for example).

And remember, you don't always have to deep-strike! Moving the Razorwing + Ravagers on from reserve with their 12" move and shoot is generally just as valid an option and you don't risk damaging yourself or mishaps.

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