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Friday, March 2, 2012

Battlefoam Review

Now, battlefoam! I ordered this a while ago and the bag finally arrived just after 3++con. Luckily the friend who was going to use my Grey Knights army didn't attend so no transporting issues :P. Anyway, I got the PACK 432 which will hold pretty much any SM army I can muster. Three trays to fit 60 infantry, four Land Speeders, nine Rhino/Chimera hulls and six Dreadnoughts. What more could a lad want? The only issue is the 60 infantry slots are your standard rectangle shape so anything with pokes out...well it pokes out. Great for holding lots of little guys like the Acolytes or Psykers or bog standard Space Marines but Grey Knights with their pointy weapons, Sarges, Terminators, etc.? Pain in the ass so might get another tray which fits 30-40 models for when I'm not using Acolyte based Grey Knights.

The extra Dreadnought/Land Speeder slots are also quite excellent for holding dice, templates, objectives, etc. without needing to carry them around.

The trays themselves are quite sturdy - even when held up and full of models they aren't bending so they are great to take out and put your models on the table from directly. The likelihood of them going everywhere is minimal unless you drop it or someone sits on the fold-out table they are resting upon.

The bag carrys so the models are perpendicular to the ground which means they are going to move around whilst you carry them but they are pretty snug. The trays I got for my Marine army fit in pretty damn snuggly but you can get 1/4" trays to pad out anything to make sure there's no movement. Here are some pictures of how it opens and the stacking.

The bag itself is nice as well - sturdy yet not weighing a ton and the 432 meets all flight requirements for carry-on luggage which makes it great for taking onto aeroplanes and not having some crazy baggage attendant throw it around like a bag of candy (and whilst the models are quite secure (I've thrown it up and down to no ill effect) I'm sure we don't want to risk anything happening). The next size up (700-odd something) is fine for international flights but not for most domestic. The bag also comes with five pockets - three suitable for books/rulers/cards/etc. in the front (two smaller, one larger) and two sort of pouches on the side for bulkier items (i.e. dice, tape measure, etc.).

The bag also comes with a drink holder on the other side - make sure you stay hydrated. 

There are two methods of carrying - you're standard handle or a shoulder strap. I'm personally fine with the handle which has a nice grip but the shoulder strap allows you to carry some stuff in your hands - hands are useful I hear. 


Overall, the Battlefoam Bag is a great product - it's an expensive buy but any carrying case you don't make yourself is going to be and Battlefoam has the advantage of some really nice foam sets. It's sturdy, seems of a high quality and comes with custom cuts to fit models as snuggly as possible. My only issue is going to be with armies with bigger vehicles (i.e. my Tau & Eldar) who are not all going to be able to fit into the one 432 bag. I didn't want to get the next size up because I needed to be able to take it local flights so a shoebox might have to do for those extra couple of Xenos vehicles :P.

Otherwise though am very happy with the purchase and will look into getting a few other foam trays so I can transfer all my armies in the bag as needed!

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