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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Email in: Loganwing list

Carpe Alea

"Hi, Kirby.

I like very much your blog, it's the first blog I found with so much quality. I'd like to know your opinion about the following Logan wing list I plan to do in the future.

Total =2000 PT.


-Logan Grimnar (275 pt.)


-Dreadnought (2 units, 125 pt. each Dread)
Twin linked autocannon and plasma cannon
A slightly different version of your standard fire suppot dread with 2 TLAC. With this one I pretend to crack transports, but also helps against MC and heavy infantry. Also I have to note that my usual oponents (some friends) use regularly Tyranid MC and Nobs with Painboy or MegaNobs

-Dreadnought (125 pt.)
Multi-melta, Dreadnought CCW and Wolf teeth necklace
Designated transport: Drop pod (35 pt.)
A midfield-close support Dread. Note that the Wolf teeth necklace is only there beacause I had 10 pts to fill


-4 Wolf Guard Terminators (192 pt.)
1 Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
3 combi-melta and wolf claw
Designated transport: Drop pod (35 pt.)
Well, this is my heavy assault unit, Grimnar comes with them. Combi-meltas are there to kill a tank the turn they arrive. Drop pod and loadout is so because I don't have the points to include and additional TH/SS and Land Raider and include all the support I want at the same time

-5 Wolf Guard Terminators (2 units, 195 pt. each unit)
1 Storm bolter, power weapon, Ciclon Missile Launcher
4 Storm bolter and power weapon
Objetive sitters, fire support.

-3 Wolf Guards in Powa Armour (69 pt.)
3 combi-melta
Designated transport: Drop pod (35 pt.)
Suicide-melta. Cheapest and the most reliable that I could get. I don't want my melta to be shot down before it fires, so deep striking is "mandatory" in this case

-10 Grey Hunters (2 units, 170 pt. each unit)
2 plasma guns
Designated transport: Rhino (35 pt. each Rhino)

Heavy Support
-4 Long Fangs (2 units, 90 pt. each unit)
3 missile launchers

54 models
8 vehicles: 2 Rhinos, 3 Dreads, 3 Drop pods
46 infantry: 15 Terminators including Grimnar



The AC+ PC Dreads are just confusing - they aren't great at vehicle damage and not much better than a PC/DCCW Dread at shooting infantry, piss poor againt MCs and with no close combat ability. If you want the PC, go with the PC but keep the DCCW but if you want the autocannons, double them up. You're running lots of shooting with CMLs + Fangs so you don't really need extra shooting whilst the close combat and AP2 could be nice with the PC so either choice is viable really.

You're overpaying for the Wolf Guard units - you can mix and match your armor and that's where they really shine. Grab at least one Terminator with CML (there should be no reason why every Wolf Guard unit doesn't have one - even if they are assault based they can detach to Long Fang units if you want) and then combis + stormbolters for the rest of the PA dudes. You can add a couple more Terminators in there for more durability but full squads of Terminators is not really needed.

You also don't need all those Drop Pods. A couple is great to give some mobility and reach to your army - dropping four or five Wolf Guard with combi weapons is a much cheaper version of Sternguard whilst still being scoring but running all your units this way? You're paying too many points and the extra mobility becomes a liability as you're spending so many points on it and it only gives you point movement gains (i.e. you drop and stop).

Grey Hunters are okay but I wouldn't run them with the Plasma but rather Melta and give them some combat upgrade. Run them 9-strong with an attached Wolf Guard + Wolf Standard + Wulfen, etc. and use these as a protective layer for your Wolf Guard. Alternatively, you could save points by running these as more Wolf Guard units and having Thunderwolves in this role supported by the Dreads.

Long Fangs should be bigger - 5 or 6 strong. As they are, too easy to torrent off the board for every medicore shooting lists. If you're looking to go the Hybrid route as well, running LasPlas with these guys is going to up your vehicle numbers whilst also giving more firepower at AP2 though to do this you'll probably only be able to run two Dreads.

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