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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Email in: Necrons Necrons Necrons


"Hi Kirby

I visit every week and enjoy catching up with the articles. I find the comments on the articles informative too. You reviewed my foot crons list last year. I really enjoyed playing them with mixed results (W2 L1 D2). I plan to use some of the presents I received over the holiday season in the next tournament. So balancing mech into the list now.

Overlord in barge with war scythe
Triarch stalker TL heavy gauss
An. Barge
An. Barge
Ghost Arc with 5 warriors
3 Boomteks, 1 with solar pulse. Pulsetek (with warriors)
1 Veiltek (with one of the immortal squads)
8 Tesla Immortals
8 Tesla Immortals
8 Tesla Immortals
5 Wraiths 2 coils 1caster
5 Scarabs
5 Scarabs
2 Spyders
1750 Pts

Kirby Check list (haha WWKD, What Would Kirby Do)
AT - check *
AI - check
Last turn contesting - check
Scoring units - 4 (OK)
Resilience OK

* Anti tank relying almost exclusively on close combat and sweeping attacks from surf lord. I have read your article and general smooths riposte for the pros and cons of CC AT. I do get the occasional wrecked vehicle where I managed to surround it causing the telefrag deaths to the occupants. Occasionally I have managed to blocked just the exits forcing emergency disembark which is not as good but the scarabs can target something else and tend to live for another assault.

AI improved with the stalker targeting aray twin linking the immortals and maybe lance teks toward 2+ armour from the back. Weird to have it on anti infantry rather than anti tank but it works with the extra range of the heavy gauss. Spyders adding assault range for the scarabs and heck they are cheap MC and slot into offence / defence well depending on how things are going.

Surfing lord, wraiths and scarabs can keep up with each other (as long as scarabs can assault). The barges on light vehicle suppression first maybe getting lucky and helping the CC AT hits. If they are still around they hunt infantry. The core of the list, the immortals, marching forward shooting up what ever the stalker lights up. Occasionally veiling around to keep out of combat or claim an objective.

In kill point games I would play the two other boomtek's in the immortal squads. In other missions they will be in a separate unit just the two of them in cover. If they get targeted they go down quick but one usally pops back up thanks to necron resilience.

Not sure what the ghost arc will be doing but I have the model so it went into the list. I like the fact it is difficult to budge and protects my warriors. So sitting on objectives? It would be cool to play aggressively but I have not tried it yet. It is a long model and can block really well.

Thanks for the input


You may not want to drop this bit?
Comp has some rules about duplicates I have attached below. They like to keep it fluffy. The tourney is Vanquish in Bristol in the UK. No more places left but they would love the mention. Also they have banded Mephiston as they say he is too good. I have never played against him to comment. He can't be can he?

Best Regards,

Rob Edmunds"

Rob, the list looks pretty solid. The only thing I might consider would be dropping a few of the Immortals (or the Spyders completely) for a couple of Night Scythes for some added mobility (no need for Veiltek here then) and firepower. Also, drop the caster from the Wraiths and give a Spyder a gloom prism if you keep them - some anti-psychic defense never goes amiss.

That said, for the most part the list is quite solid though you're lacking a little bit in armor saturation - 5 AV13 vehicles is solid but not fantastic. Within the comped environment though...shouldn't be too bad and you've met all their silly little tick points.

In regards to anti-tank - I think you'll be okay. You have a lot of suppression fire from the guass, tesla and then the more solid anti-tank in Scarabs, Bargelord, Stalker and Lanceteks. It is a bit light with only three lanceteks but its not exactly lacking.

In relation to the lone Ghost Ark - it can backfield objective sit quite nicely - AV13/14 is hard to break at range consistently though once it does break, the Warriors are kind of left on their own. Consider dropping the veiltek for a Harptek to place with the Warriors for some extra entropic strike pewpew at range though if you're not taking Night Scythes you've lost some mobility. If you move this up to 2000 points taking a 2nd Ghost Ark with some Warriors + Cryptek would be an excellent idea with some tweaking.

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