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Sunday, March 18, 2012

God Wills it! Crusading Black Templar Terminators

MBG back with more from the mad converter, Jkin!

Well the honeymoon is officially over, Jkin has once again jumped ship to another project.  Last week I featured his Arjac Rockfist, and SW Rhino with Interior detail.

This week however he started constructing a Black Templar crusade army.

One of first projects for them is this squad of Sword Brethern Terminators.

The Conversion

These guys all started out as just plain old Assault Terminators, and then he added Bretonnian Knight of Realm heads to them to kick off  a gothic look.

He also added random Bretonninan shields and heraldry bits here and there, and even sculpted chainmail / fur patches on them to help with that gothic fit and feel.

To finish off the conversions, Jkin added some Black Templar Terminator Shoulders Pads and Standards from the bits we sell. The accessories pack can be especially helpful with projects like this.

I'm beginning to think that him having access to all of the bits we sell on Spikey Bits probably encourages this guy a little too much, huh? I'll allow it.

More amazing work from a remarkable hobbyist.

Three Sixty below. 

You can checkout more of the crazy work Jkin puts out, HERE.

What do you think? Are these the Black Templars you have been looking for? -MBG

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