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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grey Knight Psykers WIP

So those counts-as Psykers I ordered? Arrived the other week and have been 'busy' painting them - got their cloaks down and just need to do the detailing, faces and guns really on most of them (and waiting on their proper bases to arrive). Guy at the front is the most complete.

Hmm that last model looks dirty! Anyway, I tried with a white cloak and blue gloves/boots and it looked terrible so I think the blue cloak is the way to go, especially with the mainly white bases the army uses. Models are nice though bit annoying with the metal attached to their feet - should be able to work in into the bases no problem otherwise I'll bring out the hacksaw =D. If anyone is looking for some cheap models to represent psykers, seven pounds for seven guys is pretty good and I think they fit the bill.

Anyway - thoughts on them so far? I think another highlight for the blue (i.e. white) would help accentuate the lapels and edges of the cloak, etc. but otherwise am quite happy with the way they've turned out.

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