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Saturday, March 3, 2012


For those unfortunates of you who cannot make it to the first No-Comp Qld event for 2012 (sorry Ty, 6% comp is 6% comp :P), I just want to rub it in that this weekend, in about 90 minutes, we will kick off Centurion 2012.

Centurion is a 2k NOVA Format event run over 5 rounds. We are hoping to pull a few latecomers and get to 40 players, we are currently hovering around 34.

Kirby has asked me, as I have nothing better to do (aren't you playing?), to get as many stats as I can for the event and make it all pretty and mathsy for him. (no, I will do that. Just give me the data =D)
The rough breakdown of armies for the event is:

3x Blood Angels
1x Chaos Space Marines
3x Dark Angels
1x Dark Eldar
1x Eldar
5x Grey Knights
4x Imperial Guard
3x Necrons
2x Orks
2x Space Marines
4x Space Wolves
1x Tyranids
1 x SOB

And a few more that I haven't tallied yet.
Saying this - overall a nice splay of armies.

For you viewers at home - we have no video streams, probably no blow-by-blow updates, and the only e-celebs (I can remember) this year are myself and SneakyDan.

Hopefully Pinky and Vince can get back for 2013!

And here's a picture of fester's lovely Loganwing army.

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