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Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's like Magic! - Catachan Warriors

It’s like Magic! - Painting Catachan Warriors

Welcome to the first of the “It’s like Magic!” series!

This series will focus on getting a force painted up quickly. No fancy techniques, minimum of mixing and highlighting. The focus here is the army looks great as a whole, not as individual models.

Today’s models – Catachan Warriors!

Uses the following Colour paints (all GW);
Calthan Brown (Foundation)
Dheneb Stone (Foundation)
Camo Green
Boltgun Metal
Chaos Black
Mechrite Red (Foundation)
Tallarn Flesh (Foundation)
Dwarf Bronze
Ogryn Flesh (Wash)
Devlan Mud (Wash)

I'm using foundation paints wherever possible, as the higher pigmentation alows it to go on an undercoat smoother. It also has a quicker drying time than regular GW paints.

      1. After assembly, spray paint the model black. Cheap primer will do, just be careful with it and make sure it isn't a humid day (as this will ruin the spray paint).

        2. Paint the lower half of the model (pants and boots) Calthan Brown
      3. Paint the jackets or singlets (whichever is the most prominent on the model) Dheneb Stone
       4. Paint the undershirts Camo Green
       5. Paint the guns and dogtags Boltgun Metal, paint the “stamp” Dwarf Bronze (I actually did this later on, but it's probably better to do the "stamp" now)
       6. Paint the flesh with Tallarn Flesh
        7. Paint the bandanas Mechrite Red (Why does the word “Bandana” have a “d” in it? Because pirates  would look silly with bananas on their heads!)
        8. Wash the flesh with Ogryn Flesh
          The leaves are simply a 1:1 mix of Camo Green and Calthan Brown
        9. Wash the clothing with Devlan Mud (or, like me, you can do this while washing the bases) 
       1.Sand (I use sand from the beach - it's free!)
       2. Calthan Brown
      3. Devlan Mud Wash (at this stage I also did the Clothing on the models) This wash really brings the model together.
       4. Patches of flock

Done! It’s a quick and easy way of getting your forces up to scratch. If you wanted to be even quicker you can skip the Ogryn Flesh wash and just wash the entire model with Devlan Mud instead.

 Here's the finished models;

Next in line - Black Legion Chaos Space Marines!

Any suggestions or requests for the "It's like Magic!" series, drop them in the comments below.

- The Wizard

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