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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Email in: 2000 point orks


"Hey Kirby!

I was anticipating on taking...

105 HQ Warboss w/ powerklaw, armor, cybork & boss pole
410 T Nobz x 6 [Painboy, Cybork'd, 3pk,2bc, armor]; Battlewagon w/ deffrolla, big shoota, grots

 225 T 29 boyz (choppas) + nob w/ powerklaw, armor, & boss pole
165 T 19 boyz (shootas) + nob w/ powerklaw, armor, & boss pole
120 HS Battlewagon; deffrolla, big shoota, grots
120 HS Battlewagon; deffrolla, big shoota, grots
90 FA 2x deffkopta w/ rokkits
90 FA 2x deffkopta w/ rokkits
90 FA 2x deffkopta w/ rokkits
60 HS 3x big gunz (kannonz)
135 E 9 Lootas
235 E Snikrot + 12 kommandos (2 burna)
155 E 8 bustas + nob w/ armor & bosspole

... to a local tourney whom have already posted the mission line up ( Capture and Control, Pre-emptive strike*, Pillage* [* = Battle Mission book]). Right now I'm fishing for opinions as I have units I could audible to (3 Kanz, 3 more Big gunz, 9 more lootas, 15 more kommandos, trukk boyz, Ghaz or Meganobz). I'm just not sure if forcing the 3rd battlewagon is appropriate or if I need more troops.

If you can help any, thanks!
Love your website btw :)"

More Troops for sure but I will say, I have no idea what the Battle Missions are like! So if they aren't very troops focused... well focus more on what I say in regards to the non-Troop changes.

First, I'm not a huge fan of big Boyz squads. Trukk squads are at least cheap, plentiful and bring extra PKlaws to the table whilst also having a cheap throwaway vehicle which can block, tank shock, etc. Not great but they are a decent tool in midfield and more useful than large Boyz squads IMO. Keep the Battlewagons, I just wouldn't run big squads in them. Second, Big Mek with Kustom Force Field is one of the best buys in the game, get one.

Outside that I'd be looking to take more Lootas. Tankbustas are pretty hit and miss so I'd look to replace them with another Loota squad of roughly the same size - they are vulnerable to being shot off the table but can provide you with some needed firepower at range.

If you add in those Trukk boyz I think you'll be looking alright. You'll need to drop some stuff though so I'd be looking at Snikrot/Kommandos and maybe a Deffkopta squad depending upon points and missions.

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