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Monday, April 2, 2012

3++con on 11th company & Eternal Warrior/Best Battle Ever news

A while ago we did a post-tournament wrap-up for 3++con on the 11th company podcast episode 110. 3++con bit is around the 50 minute mark.

Also just got an email from Pat relating to another 40k group - you can see this below:

"With a sad heart I regret to have to inform our listeners on the internet that the Eternal Warriors are no more. Due to irreconcilable differences among cast members, work schedules and just life getting in the way, Eternal Warriors will no longer broadcast. However, Dave will continue to create quality tactical content under his new banner, “The Best Battle Ever” at
Dave (Skrivus) will be analyzing and audibly recreating his many tournament games and endeavors, highlighting opponent mistakes and tactical insights as they happen during the actual game. Imagine if you could place a camera in an actual die. It is that point of view that will come to the fore front. His actual pod cast will go live soon.  Please stay tuned.

Pat Higgs
11th Co."

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