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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 1 Wrap-up

TKE ruined the posting schedule! So this is late :P. By the time this goes up tournament will be done so will post what happens in comments.

I went 1-1-1 on Day 1 unfortunately against BA (win), Tau (draw) and Grey Knights (loss). BA win was pretty easy, Tau draw I'm very annoyed at myself upon as I deployed on the wrong side which ended up in a draw and GK loss I'm also fine with - I got up early on KP, retreated to see if he split his army, he did and I dumped my entire army shooting + close combat into the five GKT + Champion and my army bounced, killing only two with two ASM squads fleeing tiny amounts for the rest of the game. Games like this happen and at least it was to a good player :P.

Vincey is 2-1 and as usual beats up on less good players and loses to good players :P. Badly =D. Lesson for the day with BA - when you want to shoot your meltaguns against an army which can take you in combat (i.e. Deathwing), don't do it at max melta range, make sure you can assault after. It's the alpha-strike Jumpers rely upon which is why GK with Halberds annoy the crap out of them and why they need fire support. 

Full reports will be up during the weekend. Tournament atm is a great atmosphere though terrain is a bit lack lusture. Looking forward to two more games today and then back to painting for a 2k tourney in three weeks!

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