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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 2 Leviathon Wrap-up

Still a bit tired from the weekend but will do some more in-depth stuff during the week (like Battle Reports!). Went 2-0 on Day 2 against...two more Blood Angels! That's three mirror matches yay. End result for myself was 3-1-1 and Vince went 3-2 again. I think there only ended up being 32 players total so not a huge turn-out but decent enough and got some good games in which was nice.

I of course stupidly pointed out that I hadn't failed one dangerous terrain test for my Razorbacks all tournament mid-way through Game 3 - next roll = double 1's. Woops! I only needed to re-roll one more the rest of the tournament, very impressive.

Ended up 7th overall and tied 5th for battle I believe (finally a half-decent painting score!). Vince finished 11th overall I think. Denis went undefeated again with Grey Knights to claim first and Rowan (winner of Bracket 2 @ 3++con) lost to him in the final round but still claimed 2nd overall iirc claimed 3rd overall (Michael Turner, the GK I lost to, claimed 2nd overall). I've asked for the full results to look at army breakdowns, etc.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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