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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Email in: 500 point starting point for Henchmen army

"Before I want to asking you about my list, my name is Johnson (preferred to be called Myrrodin). I wanted to know if my list is a good starting point for a henchmen list. I struggled in making a henchmen list because the army lists on the blog didn't have pure henchmen to use as a base. It took me three weeks of off and on research to get to a 500 point list I plan on playing. I also wanted to ask if there is an army list that purely uses razorbacks as the trasports for MSU. The list I present to you is an attempt of an all-comers list, but I was wondering if I should just drop the psyker or not. I hope I don't frustrate you with my e-mail.


3x9 Henchmen Squad (all of them have Chimera each)
8x Warrior Acolyte
3x Meltaguns
5x Bolters
1x Psyker
Heavy Flamer

496 points total.


That's a pretty good starting point for a larger army (at 500 points army lists are really irrelevant as it's very rock paper scissors). The one change I'd make is to drop one Acolyte (so 4 Acolytes + Psyker can shoot from the top) and give the Bolteracos Stormbolters though that's going to push you over the points total at 500.

In relation to Razorbacks and a full army - absolutely and there are lots of ways to do this with henchmen. You can go the cheap 3x Acolyte route and spend as many of your points elsewhere. 6x Acolyte squads with Stormbolters/bolters for a decent amount of bodies and a lot of cheap firepower. Meltaguns optional. Or larger henchmen squads which basically just purchase the Razorback for cheap firepower and then operate on foot.

My personal preference and what I run in my henchmen list is four squads of six Stormbolter Acolytes with Razorbacks and two squads of Pyskers + Acolyte in Chimeras for backfield scoring.

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