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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Email in: blood angels 1750

"thoughts greatly recieved i play against guard gk chaos de on regular basis

hq libby
predator x3 all auto/las
scouts x5sniper rifles
death comx5 2pf/ps
assault x5 meltagun
razorback assault cannon
assault x5meltagun
razorback las/plas
assaultx10 2meltagun pf jump packs
assaultx5 meltagun
sang priest jump pack
furioso drop pod

thank you"

Only one Priest is pretty light and the Chaplain + DC are an expensive unit without having much more over your basic ASM (and the multiple PFist upgrades make them more expensive but still die at the same rate).

I'd be looking to get another Priest in there and make all your Razorbacks Lasplas or Assback. Turning the Rhino into a Razorbackk wouldn't be a bad idea either. The Furioso with Pod is cute but doesn't fit too well with the list - your opponent can hopefully handle one AV13 vehicle in their lines early game or simply move away from it. Yes, BA are fast and can get up there quickly but in cases like Dawn or War, against 18-36" move armies (other BA, Eldar, Dark Eldar, etc.) or when your mech pack gets delayed, that's a lot of points and 2 KP you've effectively thrown away. If you want to run Furiosos, run multiples and then run them behind the Mech wall, run them as Libbys with wings or run them in Stormravens so they can get up to the lines quickly. Your best bet here is to run them in a pair behind your main mech force, drop the foot ASM into a Razorback/Rhino or not run them at all.

Otherwise, spare points can go into grabbing some Attack Bikes with MM to give you some melta outside of your ASM or another ASM squad to fill out your Troops.

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