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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Email in: GK 1500 -> 2000

"Hi Kirby,

I read the site pretty much everyday and have sent in lists for review before. I have a 1500 competitive list for you and a evolved version for 2k where I shoehorn in dual ravens. It’s a GK 2fer!

1500 list is:

3xMM Servitors, 2xJokaero, Chimera ML, HB

(2x)Purifiersx6, 4 Halberds, 2 Psycannon, Rhino (1 w/SL)

(2x)Strike Squadx5, Psycannon, PassBack

(2x)Warrior Acolytesx6, Bolters, Psyback

(2x)Psyfleman Dreadnoughts

This list has been very solid for 1.5k.

In taking it up to 2k and wanting dual ravens I had to make some compromises. Mainly I want 2 Psychic Communion for reliability with the reserved SR when I don’t get first turn... So Coteaz had to go. The GM can cover for the low amount of scoring units or can add a lot of utility with Grand Strategy, so that and an Inquisitor are the Hq Choices. I am just not sure about the list over all now, it doesn’t seem as solid, what do you think of the jump to 2k?

2k list:

Grand Master – Incinerator, NFDH

Malleus Inquisitor – Daemon Weapon, Power Armor, Psychic Communion

(2x)Purifiersx5 - 3 Halberds, 2 Psycannon, Rhino

(2x)Strike Squadx5 –Psycannon, PassBack

Strike Squadx10 – Incinerator, Psycannon, NFDH, Psyback

(2x)Psyfleman Dreadnoughts

Storm Raven – TLAssC, MM

Storm Raven – TLLC, MM

The 10 man SS combat squads. The Justicar with a hammer and the Incinerator Marine go into one Storm Raven. If I get the first turn the GM may also ride in the Raven, or if not he will have a purifier bodyguard and hopefully hide behind the armored advance until the reserves arrive. The inquisitor will usually be with a squad who needs melee support.


For GK the Stormravens are only so-so in terms of fire support - they are better against infantry with the mind missiles but not so great against tanks without the S8 AP1 missiles. You want to be able to try and include something in them for this reason. I'd cut back on the 10x Strikes - make them 5x just like your other guys and rather, combine the Purifiers to one big squad - you can combat squad them for benefits such as Scout and go from there. I'd not be including the halberds either - Purifiers are smaller sizes only get a couple attacks against opponents with them so its not a huge deal. Even keeping the full squad to operate as a "I can assault your first turn" with scout which can drag the GM + Inquisitor along can force your opponent to deploy accordingly.

With points saved grab some DCA to go with the Inquisitor (doesn't need to be a big squad) or a couple Venerable Dreadnoughts to hitch rides on the Ravens as needed. This gives you some decent objects to throw into combat if needed which are quite durable and gives you some more mobile melta options.

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