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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Email in: List Advice

"My current list has not been fairing so well amongst my group of friends, so I was thought I would try out something new and get some advice on a more aggressive list. I really want to use Mephiston in a 1500 list, but I'm find that he is quite the point cost at this level. My theory is to use him to be the anti-infantry monster in a mech list. Mephiston runs behind the Landraider/Razorbacks and keeps within Sang. Priest range until he is within striking distance. Furioso adds chaos in their midst while the lascannons open up on the first turn of shooting. Though there are a lot of high STR shots in this list, there aren't very many troops. Any advice would be welcome!

1x Mephiston

1x Furioso
-Drop Pod
-Blood Talons w/ Melta

1x Landspeeder w/ Multi-melta

2x ASM in Razorback
-Sanguinary Priest

1x ASM in Razorback

1x ASM in Land Raider
-Pintle Multi-Melta

1x Predator

1495....leaves 5 points for searchlights?"

Mephiston can work very well at 1500 points - there's not a lot which can deal with him and he's the ultimate beater unit. The single Land Raider though...I'd be looking at two or none and with BA, two is quite possible at this level. Drop the ACLC Pred and the Furiosos and grab another ASM in Land Raider and presto! You don't really need the Priests here - your ASM are really there to provide some extra melta in a pinch and make all your vehicles scoring so I'd drop them and get some more Speeders or Attack Bikes - fast melta or missiles to improve the army's firepower is always nice.

Excess points into searchlights is fine.

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